Jetson Went Back To The Future


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Speaks For Itself

I write this post with great heartache and pain, I can feel the emotions running through my veins, into my fingers and on to my iPad keyboard; today is a sad sad day for our nation. I sit here in mourning as I imagine all of you are as well. We have lost an international entity, someone who has touched the hearts and souls of countless people during their short time on this earth.  An iconic figure has fallen today, a person of great stature and accomplishment is no longer with us and my heart goes out to those that knew this individual personally.  In case you haven’t tuned into the news today or read the headlines of your daily paper, I am of course talking about untimely death of “Jetson”, my moniker.  Today, I lay my nickname to rest, and say goodbye to an alter ego part of me that has served me well for many years.

It’s Never Too Late (part 1)


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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well maybe sometimes it is.  But seeing as how my neighbors still have their Christmas lights on, I figured what the hell; let’s do the annual end of the year holiday recap right now, today.  Who cares that we’re a complete two weeks into the new year anyway?  These stories are timeless right? Better late than never right?  It’s better to finish the race last, than to not finish at all…right?  Okay, so have I completely talked myself out of being a lazy bum and slacking on the holiday post?  Yes you say, well great, let’s proceed with the recap of Christmas, Tre’s Bday, and New Year’s.

The $3000 Brain Fart


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I totally understand this kid's pain

I totally understand this kid's pain

This past weekend was filled with a range of emotions, including but not limited to, happiness, joy, pain, agony, despair, anger, excitement, and relief. I guess I didn’t leave much room for the “not limited to” portion of my opening statement. Ah well, sue me if you have a problem with it, lol. So this past weekend I set out to enhance my man cave by finally setting up my projector. This entailed mounting the projector on the ceiling, mounting the screen on the ceiling, and adjusting the appropriate settings. While setting up the projector certainly contributed to some of the emotions described above, it definitely was not the major factor in the nearly detrimental series of events that took place over the past few days. The projector was actually small fries when compared to the issue that I faced, but the projector was ground zero and ultimately put the wheels in motion for what turned out to quite possibly be one of the DUMBEST mistakes that I’ve ever made in my life.

Homeless No More


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Our New Home

Our New Home

We have a home, we have a home, WE HAVE A HOME!!!! I’m sorry for the insane amount of excitement, but after pushing my entire family under my best friend’s roof for nearly 5 months, I think I’m entitled to a moment of celebration (as is he). This process has been totally crazy and even though the deal that we got was amazing, I can honestly say that I will probably never do a short sale again.  We put the offer in on this house on Apr 1st, the process was taking so long that I truly thought the bank may have felt our offer was a April Fools joke.  But here we are 5 months later and the house we basically drooled over is FINALLY ours.

Nicknames Gone Wrong


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A long time ago I wrote a post called The Name Game, it was about ensuring my kids had built in nicknames and some of the difficulties that such a task entailed. Well I’m happy to report that nearly 2 yrs later, I’m finally received those cool points that I wrote about oh so long ago. Tre finally, knows and responds to his nickname, he enjoys having a nickname and prefers people to use it. YES!!! Goal achieved, this is exactly what I never had as a child, and now both of my kids are enjoying the perk that I was denied as a child. Only problem is, I now have the HARDEST time calling Tre by his nickname.