Dad’s Hard Knock Life


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Dad’s Hard Knock Life

I am a Dad. It’s my job, it’s my lifetime career, it’s the thing I’m most passionate about. Being a Dad isn’t easy, there are days when you have to do things that you just don’t want to do, there are days when you’re forced to do things that just don’t make sense, and then there are the days when you feel like it’ll never end.  These are a few of the struggles that I am faced with on a daily basis. Based on the previous few sentences, maybe some of you are thinking: “hey buddy, maybe you should just switch careers”, believe me, I’ve given it some serious consideration on several occasions. However, for some reason ‘DEADBEAT’ doesn’t seem like the type of title you’d want on your resume. So I continue to push on and carry out my duties. So that you guys don’t think I’m being a Whiny Willie, I’m going to take you thru a few examples that substantiate the claims of hardship that I’ve listed above.

2010 Holiday Gift Guide – Toys For Kids Age 4-7


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Well Christmas is only a week away and I know many of you still have quite a few gifts to get. So if you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas for that special elementary schooler in your life, look no further. Check out our 2010 Holiday Gift guide and run out to the store (or click a link) and pick up the perfect gift. You only have 7 days left, so read quickly and then get a move on it!!!

Also if you missed our Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers, be sure to check it out!!!

Father’s Day Surprise! We’re Coming Back!


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Daddy’s Fish Bowl will be relaunching and returning with all new content this Father’s Day 6/20/10!!!! I can’t wait to start posting again, thanks for all of your support. Talk to you all on Father’s Day!