Sibling Rivalry


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I need to start out by being up front on this one; I am by no means an expert on the following topic. Most of the time, I am a self-proclaimed expert on all things in all places, but when it comes to sibling interactions, I have to claim ignorance. Being the only child, you don’t get much experience with the day to day dealings of brothers and sisters. Cousins are the closest thing you have and if they piss you off, it’s not long before each of you are back in your separate homes and don’t have to see the other for a while. Apparently, that’s not the case with siblings, from what I’ve been told, there is no escape, there is no “un-brother” button ala Facebook. Once you have a sibling, you pretty much have them for life and this can become problematic, based on the stories I’ve heard and things I’ve witnessed.

When It All Falls Down


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The difference a day makes….you know, I never really thought much about the significance of that statement; because up until today, there hasn’t been much that has drastically changed in my life over a 24 hour period. I mean sure, there have been ‘here today, gone tomorrow moments’, but nothing as substantial as a complete reversal of my beliefs from day 1 to day 2. Well that’s exactly what happened this time and honestly, I’m still trying to process it all. I feel duped, bamboozled, and a bit foolish; deception tends to have that type of affect on you from time to time. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post that had the following statement: “Usually, the parents are the shining stars after throwing a good party for their kid, but this year Ty stole the show and HE was my hero.” MY HERO, yes, I was proud to proclaim that my own child presented himself in such away that blew my moral compass off the charts and catapulted him well ahead of my previous hero, Wolverine. Well within a day, Ty has gone from hero to zero based on his counter-heroic actions. It actually pains my heart to write ‘zero’ in association with one of my kids, but unfortunately, it’s the way I feel at the moment.

The Whole Nine Yards


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We celebrated a birthday over the weekend, our dear old (emphasis on OLD) friend Ty turned 9 this past Sunday and boy did he lay on more than a few surprises. I was always under the impression that the birthday boy was the one who was supposed to be surprised on their special day, but this year Ty had other ideas lined up and turned the tables on us. His actions left both Fefe and I dumbfounded, confused, and caused more than a teardrop or two to form in our eyes. We honestly couldn’t fathom the fact that the little boy performing the actions in front of our very eyes belonged to us. The fact that he was acting so differently around his friends had us flabbergasted.

28 Hours A Day Or 8 Days A Week


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We’re baaaaaacccckkkkkk, transmitting live from, wait this is more of a transmission than a broadcast, and it’s more so pre-recorded than live, so um, let’s just say this post is coming all the way from Ireland. And now that we can clearly see that that’s a lie;  I actually started writing this post in Ireland, but the jetlag took over and basically what you saw until the sentence previous to this one was about as far as I got.  I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve put a post out and I feel horrible about that. Really I do, you should see my face, it’s the face of a horrible feeling person, never mind the fact that I’m hungover from frolicking with the Irish, the horrible feeling is totally dedicated to you guys.  Well I guess I wrote that line in Ireland as well, and apparently, it was another lie.  Lies, lies, lies, I’m starting to feel a bit Obama-ish.  Ouch, I didn’t mean that, Obama, you my boy!!!  So now that the lies and excuses are out of the way, let’s jump straight into this post shall we?

The Cheese Touch


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As I sit at my desk, typing up this blog post for your reading enjoyment, my fingers are crossed. Yes, you read that correctly, I am typing with the fingers of my right hand crossed. So don’t be alarmed if you come across a few typos, or entire words missing from a sentence, for that matter. Just know that it is a necessary evil that I must contend with if I want to provide you guys with these super intelligent and uber entertaining and informative blog posts. What could bring on such preposterous behavior? Why are you being forced to take such precautions? Should I have my fingers crossed as well? I know that these are the burning questions of desire on your mind at this very moment and I’m going to get straight to the point. YES, CROSS YOUR FINGERS, cross them now, go ahead. It is imperative for your future well-being. No, it won’t save you from some unforeseen impending natural disaster, and no, crossing your fingers won’t protect you from the next big pandemic that threatens to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. But I’ll tell you what it will do; it’ll protect you from contracting the God awful CHEESE TOUCH!!!

Friday Funday – Everybody Harlem Shake


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It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!, YAYYYYY, we made it through another week.  What better way to celebrate by having a little fun?  I begged convinced my family to participate in this silly trend and create our own family Harlem Shake video.  Since it’s Friday and everyone deserves a little jumpstart to their weekend, we decided to provide a little comic relief.  Enjoy!!!

If you’re as clueless as I was about this whole Harlem Shake thing, read about it here before watching the video.

 If you’ve participated in the madness that is the Harlem Shake craze, be sure to post a link to your vid below.  We’d love to check it out.

Cain and Able


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Up until the birth of Baby Guppy aka Gup, I was under the impression that my boys were monstrosities of evil based on their dealing with each other; wait, let me clarify, I thought that Tre was a monstrosity of evil. Ty was just an unfortunate bystander, forced to protect and defend himself (usually unsuccessfully) by matching evil with evil. The levels of scheming, deceitfulness, and downright mean behavior started climbing off the charts and I began to question if we needed to move to Philadelphia in hopes of getting any brotherly love in our home. Tre reached an all-time low a few mere weeks before Gup’s birth and I was terrified that the torture treatment of his brother would be transferred to her once she arrived.

Let The Magic Begin


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Give a compliment, get a kiss!!!


A High Five To Get The Party Going


Well lookie here, lookie here, you good ole blogger friend, Keith stayed true to his word.  I promised you guys a part 2 on Monday and by golly, here it is! Let’s just ignore the fact that Monday only has a few hours left in it, and focus on the fact that this post is up for your reading enjoyment, lol.  Thanks to my incredibly horrible internet connection, the previous statement is no longer valid, smh.  I swear I hate Century Link and their crappy service, so much so, that I just said screw it and paid the cancelation fee at this very moment! Really? 5 hours to upload 3 one min videos to YouTube? What is this, AOL dialup?  Sorry, my rant is complete now, let’s move on.

So last time, I made our time at Disney World seem pretty dreary; but I promise you that it was literally one of the most magical experiences that any parent could hope for.  The look on Tre’s face when he saw Mickey for the first time nearly brought a tear to my eye, and trust me that’s tough to do, I’m a super tough macho manly guy!  Okay, Fefe’s sitting over my shoulder and demanded that I refrain from lying in my posts; I’m not that tough and maybe, that statement about “nearly bringing a tear to my eye” should have been “cried a river”.  Seriously folks, I have never seen that child as happy and excited as he was during our time at Disney World, and for those of you that know Tre, that is a hell of a statement to make: the kid is constantly happy.

Magic Or Witchcraft??? You Be The Judge


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Does this look like a magical time???

So we all know that Disney World is a magical place where memories are made; a place where dreams come true, right?  Yup, that’s what they communicate and advertise on all of the brochures, commercials, and emails.  But what they fail to inform you of is the fact that along with those dreams also comes nightmares, blisters, and empty bank accounts.  I totally had every intention of writing this post on the plane ride back home from Disney, yet here we are a complete 2 weeks later and the post is just now going up.  Clearly, I was either delusional or naive to think that I would have the strength and mental capacity to write a blog post during a plane ride after spending 6 nights, 7 days (that’s travel agent speak) at Disney World.  But never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) did I anticipate a 2 week turnaround time to get back to my normal self.  I know by now you must be wondering: was it all worth it?  Read on to find out.

Birthday Licks


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Exhausted After Opening Gifts

How many of you remember getting hit on your birthday as a child? One hit for each year that you’ve been alive and kicking. We called them Birthday hits, others called them “licks”. Given the fact that Ty’s girlfriend was in attendance at his recent party, I felt “licks” was more appropriate; more on that later. Back to getting hit as a child; what a horrible tradition, I mean, geesh, it’s your freaking birthday, your special day and to celebrate it, people beat you up? I don’t know about you guys, but I call that aggravated assault! You may feel that I’m going a bit far with the assault claim, but I vividly remember back in high school, kids would purposely get sick on their birthdays to avoid coming to school and receiving their birthday beatings hits. That’s just taking it a bit too far. With that being said, this past Saturday, I gave Ty 8 of the most viciously powerful hits that I could land without child protective services knocking at my door the next day. You’ll be happy to know that I did withhold the “pinch to grow an inch”, primarily because I’m just tired of buying new clothes for the kid.