Womb Envy


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Womb Service

Baby Guppy is now in her 29th week of fetal development and sadly, I have to admit that sibling rivalry is already brewing.  How can this be, the baby hasn’t even got here yet, but somehow fighting, bickering, and jealousy has started to take form?  In my best Tre impression “WHAT THA!!!” Luckily for us, Tre hasn’t attempted to utilize his superb Ninja Turtle skills and karate chop Fefe’s belly yet, but I’m unsure of how many days we have left until it comes to that.  To be fair, he isn’t totally to blame; Baby Guppy antagonizes him ALL THE TIME!!!  She’s mischievous, resentful, stubborn, and downright mean (sound like anyone you know).  If womb Baby Guppy is any indication of what earth Baby Guppy is going to be like, we are in for a world of trouble.  Most people envision their unborn children as little angels, I foresee Baby Guppy as a little angel as well; one without the halo, wings, and heavenly glow.

And Then There Were 5….Baby On Board


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Baby Bump???? YUP


There’s something alive in my wife’s belly, and I put it there!




Now that the obligatory celebration is out of the way, I can return to being scared totally shitless. I know I know, we’ve been down this road before, we’re already raising two boys.  But who says that has to stop my worrying? Have you had a child before? Do you know what those little critters are like the first few months of their lives? I’ve survived infancy once before, last time I checked, people who walk away from natural disasters aren’t in a huge rush to relive the thrill.