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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Now that I’m an adult with children of my own, I am coming to the realization that “summer” means two completely different things for kids and grownups.  For starters, summer doesn’t actually begin this year until June 21, 2014, however if you ask my kids Summer started last Friday which was there last day of school.  I find it quite unfair that spring is getting cheated out of completing its contributions to the seasonal calendar.  How the hell is spring supposed to earn early retirement if he’s not allowed to work a full shift? OMG, I really am thinking like a responsible adult.  To kids, summer means freedom, later bedtimes, and hanging with friends having fun in the sun.  To me, summer means more of the same with added responsibilities.  I still have to go to work every day so that completely knocks freedom and later bedtime right off the list.  As a parent, my social life is pretty much nonexistent, so I only see friends in the bleachers during little league soccer and baseball games; not really my idea of “hanging”.  This leads us to “fun” in the sun, yeah sweating my butt off while putting in grueling hours of yard work is totally categorized under the fun category <insert huge dose of sarcasm here>.  Clearly as an adult, Summer is no longer all it’s cracked up to be, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a fun and exciting time to experience as a family.  This year, Fefe came up with the idea of a Summer Bucket List to boost our typical summer experience and I’m really pumped about it.

Usually our summer’s consist of a few water fights, hitting the pool, heading to the park, going to a different park, and checking out this cool grassy area with benches and playgrounds, oh wait, that’s just another park.  Needless to say our summers are usually pretty dull and with the exception of a few “high flyer” moments, are pretty un-rememberable in the grand scheme of things.  Fefe set out to change that this year with her idea of the Summer Bucket List and the entire family got excited about the concept of thinking of ideas to add to it.  We all had about a week to come up with as many ideas as possible in hopes of making the bucket list 100 items “deep”. 

When we all sat down to discuss and create the list, we found out the road to 100 was a bit harder than expected.  Our first shot landed us at about 73 items, which is pretty good in my opinion, but our goal was 100, so that’s what we were going to achieve.  I told the kids that if we didn’t make it to 100 ideas, then summer was going to be cancelled.  How exactly I planned to pull off canceling an entire season is beyond me, but the threat got their creative juices flowing.  When we met again, they had some amazing ideas; a few that were so good we had to actually take off some of the original items because we were over 100.   

If completing the list is half as fun as creating it was, I’m sure we’re in for a great summer!!! The whole idea of this bucket list was to do things together as a family and we’re already off to a great start just by working together to make the list in the first place.  That means even if we don’t succeed in completing each item, the idea was a success before it ever got started because it brought us together and that’s really what it’s all about.

If you’re interested in making a Summer Bucket List for your family and are stuck needing a few more ideas, here’s our list in its entirety.  Feel free to steal any or all of the ideas and make this the best summer yet.

2014 Summer Bucket List

Water Fun1. Otsego Splash Pad

2. Bebe Lake

3. Elm Creek Park

4. Como Regional Water Park

5. Slip n Slide

6. Water Guns

7. Water Balloon Fight

8. Boating

Parks & Gardens

9. Lake Calhoun

10. Vermillion Falls

11. Minnehaha Falls

12. Clemens Gardens

13. Walker Art Center

14. Spoon Sculpture Garden

15. Franconia Sculpture Park

16. Neighborhood Bike Rides

17. Park Trail Bike Rides

18. Movies In The Park (June 7th)

19. Teddy Bear Park

20. Neighborhood Park

21. Bike Ramp Park

22. Music In The Park

23. Park Picnic

Sports Activities

24. Basketball Tournament

25. Football Game

26. Disc Golf

27. Driving Range

28. Sports Rivals

29. Kick Ball

30. Kick n Catch

31. Soccer


32. Shoe Pile Scrabble

33. I Spy Outside

34. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

35. Shoot The Kraang

36. Bingo

37. Hide n Seek

38. Board Game Night

39. Huckle Buckle Bean Stock

40. Flashlight Tag

41. Chalk/Chalk Games

42. Flash Light Firefly

43. Bean Bags


44. Time Machine Story

45. Finger Painting

46. Dance Party

47. Write A Story About A Shark

48. Choose Your Adventure Book

49. Paper Mache Masks

50. 100 Piece Puzzle

51. Karaoke52. Create A Super Hero

53. Bubbles

54. Paint Pet Rocks

55. Science Project

Food & Treats

56. Make Floats

57. Make Snowcones

58. Make Frozen Treats

59. Make Ice Cream

60. Fondue Day

61. Ice Cream Cones On Deck

62. Eat Fruit On Deck

63. Cook On Grill

64. Family Cooking Day


65. Snow Cone Stand

66. Bracelet/Clay Model Stand

67. Lemonade Stand

68. Garage Sale

69. Candy Shop


70. Amazing Farm Yard

71. Big Thrill Factory

72. Bowling

73. Valley Fair

74. State Fair

75. Skating

76. Stone Arch Festival (June 14-15th)

77. Feed Ducks

78. Go Karts

79. Como Zoo

80. Putt Putt

81. Guthire Theater

82. Train Rides

83. Horse Races

84. Geocaching

85. Art Car Parade (July 26th)

86. Wild Rumpus

87. Maple Maze

88. Vikings Training Camp

89. Fireworks

90. Buffalo

91. Bonfire

92. Old Video Day

93. Middle Child Day

94. Invite Friends Over

95. Play With Quick

96. Ninja Turtle Weapon Battle

97. Picture Scavenger Hunt

98. Minecraft Party

99. Movie Night

100. Legos

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I had an amazing time creating the list with you guys! It was so much fun. We were all laughing & joking around!! I can’t wait to check off our items as we do it! This will be a FUN summer!!! By the way, I thought it was hilarious how scared the kids were when you said summer would be canceled if we didn’t finish the list. They were really worried lol


You know…a family that robs a bank together, sticks together. As they flee cross country from MN to LA. Just saying. Think of all the dress up days you’ll have and the different foods and places you’ll stay.


What a great idea! Fe is very creative and I applaud her for coming up with such a creative idea! U guys will have fun trying to complete all the things on the list and if u r not able to then just add them to next years list. Great inspiring story!


Dear Summer, Come back, I miss you.
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