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When it comes to home cooked meals, chances are your Mother’s recipes are top notch. Growing up, your Mother’s cooking is pretty much all you know, so we tend to acquire a taste for Mom’s style and finesse in the kitchen. As we grow older and become exposed to a variety of food choices, some of the mystique and acclaim that Mom’s cooking once had tends to slightly fade away, but the roots of all those seasonings over the years are strong and engrained, so we typically find it very difficult to resist returning home from some of Mom’s good old fashion home cooked meals from time to time.

I have a long list of meals that my Mom HAS to prepare whenever I visit, but if I had to choose my all-time favorite that I couldn’t go without, it’d have to be her Buffalo Chicken Subs. They’re awesome and honestly, nobody can come close to replicating the taste. There isn’t a visit that goes by without that dish being prepared and I’m always left looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to taste it again. This is how it should be right? A child should long for their mother’s cooking long after they’ve grown up and left the nest. It leaves the Mother with a sense of pride in knowing that her child will always look forward to coming back for Momma’s cooking. But when it comes to our good buddy Tre, things don’t always go the way they should. I’m starting to think he has a serious problem with being part of the status quo.

Fefe is in the process of building her legacy and attaching her recipes deep into the kids stomachs. She’s right on track when it comes to Ty, he simply can’t resist her home made mash potatoes with mascarpone cheese. He literally refuses to eat any other mash potatoes and I can tell that Fefe feels something special inside every time she makes it for him. So that right there proves that her cooking has what it takes to pass the Momma’s Cooking test, which means the fault obviously lies with Tre in his inability to latch on to Fefe’s great food.

Tre has been a picky eater for years and it’s always the same ole scenario when it comes to dinner time: Fefe cooks a great meal, Tre doesn’t like it, Fefe makes Tre a hot dog, chef Boyardee, or chicken nuggets and he’s good to go. You can see how this little scenario isn’t a very efficient use of Fefe’s valuable time. We’ve tried everything to get him to try new foods, sometimes we’re successful, other times we aren’t. One day he’ll like the taco pie that she cooked, and the next week he’ll hate the same exact recipe. So needless to say, it’s been a tough battle for Fefe to establish a favorite home cooked meal that Tre will love for years.

Enter B-Fly, the girl next door, the apple of Tre’s little 6 year old eye and the person Fefe is accusing of stealing her son. If a Mother’s cooking is one of the high points of being a mom, losing a son to another woman has to be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. According to Fefe, B-Fly is responsible for losses in both categories. Tre is crazy about playing with B-Fly, he’d spend all of his time with her if he could, including snack time, lunch time, and dinner time!!! A few weeks ago, Tre informed us that he likes carrots now. We were all shocked and ecstatic, since the only vegetable that he would tolerate for years has been corn. When questioned about the reason for his newfound food enjoyment, he explained that he had some at B-Fly’s house and they were really good. Fefe’s joy began to fade as she exclaimed “oh, you can eat carrots with B-Fly, but not when I make them for you huh?” Tre respectfully replied “Yup, they were really good”. Ty and I were forced to eat a pot of carrots the next day as Fefe tried to replicate the success that occurred at B-Fly’s house to no avail.

This weekend Tre had lunch at B-Fly’s and apparently ate French Fries (shocking right?), when he reported the news back to Fefe, she was not a happy camper. I had to hear all about B-Fly taking control of her son, how he’ll do anything for B-Fly, that she refuses to lose the food battle to B-Fly. I decided to interject and state that we should just be happy he’s eating something other than hot dogs. Big Mistake! She would rather he eat her hot dogs every day then to be outfoxed by B-Fly and her magic food. Magic Food? Isn’t it obvious? There had to be some magic ingredients sprinkled on those fries which put Tre into a trance and forced him to eat them. People tend to throw logic out the window when emotions are involved, but don’t tell Fefe that I don’t fully support the magic ingredients theory.

Things didn’t calm down until I gently reminded Fefe that the very coup that she is rallying against is the same exact tactic that she used against my very own mother. Growing up, I REFUSED to eat my Mom’s spaghetti, really any spaghetti for that matter. I just didn’t like it. Then when I met Fefe, one of the first dishes she made for me was spaghetti, which obviously had magic ingredients ordered from the same supplier that B-Fly uses, because I demolished the entire plate. In fact, to this day, Fefe’s spaghetti is actually my favorite dish of hers. My mom was quite heartbroken to find out that I was enjoying the spaghetti of another, but she eventually learned to accept it. Hopefully now that Fefe has realized she was once on the “traitor” side of the fence, she’ll be more accepting of B-Fly’s influences over Tre’s meal choices.

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Lol, Tre is a very picky eater & likes things a certain way. He doesn’t like my burgers, only burgers from Burger King. He won’t eat fries unless they are from a restaurant, so when I found out he ate fries at his friend house I was shocked and a tad bit mad, lol. Hopefully I will be able to make something that he really likes before he becomes an adult and I lose him to someone else.


Great blog thanks for inviting me to check it out


Thanks for the invite. Great blog it’s been added to my short list


Ha Ha Ha!!! I totally enjoyed this blog!!!! Sorry FeFe, but the blog is correct! I was heartbroken when I found out that Keith ate spaghetti (which I might add is my favorite dish, so I made it often). I did eventually get over the heartbreak. LOL!!! I am so shocked that Tre ate and liked carrots. That is amazing and I am happy that he is eating a vegetable. B-Fly should be looked at as a positive food motivator in Tre’s life. But don’t worry FeFe….there will be many many more B-Fly’s before you lose Tre to the love of his life. And by then, you will be so happy he found someone that you will help him pack his bags to be with her! Lol!!!


First off: Hilarious as usual.
Secondly: Fefe needs to use your mixology skills and throw some alcohol in the mix. Tre will be slightly buzzed and wonder where this new, gleeful feeling will have came from. He will then equate his mom’s cooking to feeling happy. Until he asks for seconds…then he starts throwing up.

Hey I’m no parent, just a Chef who has lost 3 custody battles.


Yup. And it smells good. LOL
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