Baby’s ‘Big Brother’ Must Be Stopped


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I hate baby monitors!!! What happened to the good old days, when if a baby wasn’t loud enough to be heard through two sets of closed doors and a flight of stairs, then there was nothing wrong with them? I attribute all the ills of this world that have been perpetrated by generation Z on baby monitors! They are the culprit, they are to blame, and they should be banned worldwide. I refuse to play big brother, constantly keeping an watchful eye over all of my child’s actions, any longer.

Kids used to have to work for things in life, they didn’t always have everything handed to them with a silver spoon. No no no, before baby monitors, babies had to actually use those lungs to get some attention. Why do you think we had such great singers in our day? Do you really think Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston got their voices by just whimpering into a baby monitor? I highly doubt it! But you know who did get their voice from the baby monitor era??? Miley Cyrus!!! Are you guys starting to get the picture now? Baby monitors are creating Miley Cyrus’s, and they must be stopped.

KayKay is a year old now, yet we still have this baby monitor thing attached to our hips wherever we go. She cries, we go get her, she laughs, we go get her, she talks, we go get her. It’s insane. To make matters worse, I swear I saw Fefe look into the monitor once and say, “she looks sad, I’m gonna go and get her” WHAT??? She looks sad????

I will stand for it no more, I am taking the fight to the heart of the issue, companies who make baby monitors, should fear me! I will not stop until I beat down the door of every CEO that owns even a sliver of stake in the creation of these monitors. I will organize marches nationwide, where instead of using bullhorns, we speak into baby monitors to get our point across. This crusade will be my legacy, my gift to my children’s children. The future will not be so bleak due to my work, future generations will thank me for restoring order. I WILL NOT ST….. Oh wait, I see KayKay tossing and turning on the monitor, sorry I have to go now.

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Welcome back!!!! I’ve missed reading your blog post, they are always entertaining and a great read!! This post was hilarious!! I don’t think I take her out b/c she look sad lol. However maybe I do look at the monitor a lot lol.


Welcome back!!! This is hilarious especially because you are the one that wanted that baby monitor and put it on your list of things to buy for baby guppy! LOL. Yes, I have witnessed Fe looking at the monitor with sad eyes because Kayla was crying. LOL! Glad you are writting again. It’s been a while. Thanks for this funny post.


The baby looks quite the same like my brothers baby.Very adorable like a doll :)
Now coming to the article.I agree with you that people are now becoming very machine reliant and that effects a lot on the childhoods life as now people don’t care their childs the way my mother did it to all my brothers and me or even my brothers wife doing so.But some parents are preferring baby monitors and that is a shame.For me babies are god gift and they should be treated like that.
Thanks for drawing attention with such an article & I hope it will create awareness among the people.
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LOL. Gotta get rid of those pesky baby monitors.
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