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Speed, agility, determination, confidence, and killer instincts; these are all qualities associated with being a good wrestler.  These are also the same qualities that I see when I look at Tre.  So if I were a betting man, and I am, I’d put top dollar on the fact that this kid is destined to be an awesome wrestler.  Well, there’s a funny thing about betting men, most of them bet unwisely and this case doesn’t seem to be much different.  Much like my lottery numbers last week, when it comes to Tre and wrestling, I didn’t pick a winner. But that’s okay, because again, like most betting men; I have no idea of when to cut my losses. So yup, I won’t be giving up on my little guy yet, I’ll keep betting on Tre to become an awesome wrestler.  Now before you go handing out supportive father of the year awards, you might want to read on to learn about his first tournament experience.  Then decide if I truly see a diamond in the rough or if I’m as delusional as my dreams of winning today’s $500+ million Mega Millions jackpot.

If I had to describe Tre’s first wrestling tournament in one word, that word would undoubtedly be comical.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much at a sporting event in my life, and yes I do count the Harlem Globetrotters as a sporting event, so that’s really making a statement.  I should have known the type of day that I’d be in for by Tre’s comments before heading to the tournament.  Fefe asked him if we was ready for his first real wrestling match and he responds with an exuberant amount of confidence, explaining that he’s ready and that if one of those kids tries to hit him with a chair, he will punch as hard as he can to make sure that they drop the chair before it hits him.  Okay, hold up just a minute here, let’s forget about the totally flawed logic in his plan; everyone knows that the most effective method of stopping a chair attack is a powerful kick to the midsection, not a measly punch to the kisser (WWF lives within me).  But again, his misguided wrestling knowledge is irrelevant at this point; what I really didn’t understand was how a chair and a punch were the first things that came to his mind in reference to his wrestling match.  Like when during the last month of practice have you thrown a punch or even seen a chair?  They make us sit on the floor at practice and I suspect its specifically so no one gets any chair throwing ideas.  So why this line of thinking was at the forefront before the match was extremely puzzling.

I decided to just brush it off as pre-match jitters, he’ll be fine once the adrenaline starts pumping and the real wrestling begins.  During his first match, he looked determined and ready.  He had his wrestling stance down to a tee before the whistle blew and that’s pretty much where his wrestling acumen stopped.  The whistle blew and the seriousness left his face and was replaced by the biggest smile ever as he was propelled to the ground by his opponent.  I think this baffled the audience, this kid just got taken down and here he is smiling about it, surely this is some type of Jedi Mind Trick.  As the match went on, Tre fought hard, spending most of his time trying to escape his opponent’s grasp.  Once he finally did wiggle free, he did something unthinkable; the boy got up and performed a celebration dance IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH, he was so excited that he got away he started twirling around the mat.  After recovering from complete confusion, the ref told them to keep wrestling.  When it was over Tre had lost the round, but it was clear that he was well on his way to becoming a fan favorite.

His next two matches followed a similar format, full of wrestling no-nos such as running in circles away from your opponent, only to pull a 180 and tackle him for the take down.  This was probably my favorite moment of the entire event; he used his brains to score a takedown.  Run away until they get tired and then take them out, pure genius.  Unfortunately, it was followed by one of the saddest moments which occurred in his next match.  Immediately after the match began, the other kid, who was obviously more prepared than Tre, wrestled him to the ground and put him in a full nelson, A FULL NELSON PEOPLE at age 5.  I knew then that it was over for my boy, but it wasn’t until I heard the following that I knew all hope was lost.  Through all the commotion and cheering Tre starts to yell: “hey, I can’t get free, somebody come and get this guy off of me.  I don’t think I like the way this is going”.  Only my boy would find time to talk while struggling to get out of a headlock.  All I could do was laugh and continue to cheer him on.

After all three matches, his record was 0-3 which landed him in 4th place.  He may have finished dead last in the competition, but he visibly had more fun than anyone in that arena and that has to count for something.  I had refs and parents come up to me saying that he deserves the most charisma award, that they’ve never seen a wrestler smile through an entire match.  He didn’t win the gold, but he definitely won the hearts of the fans!

So as sure as I’ll be picking out new numbers for the $500 million Mega Millions jackpot today, I’ll be on the sidelines fighting it out with other parents in support of my son, while he dukes it out on the mat in an attempt to become the next Hulk Hogan.

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LOL!! Loved the blog post! The video of Tre twirling is too funny! He really did wear a smile the entire time he wrestled. I think he had a great time wrestling and that’s all that matters.


Listen here brother: Sulk Hogan is a professional wrestler and Tre with all the Sulk-a-manics are going to lose their minds when I wrap my 2″ pythons around the neck of my opponent and choke them till they lift me up and slam me so hard into the mat, my soul will leave my body. Tre should master the art of running around the ring away his opponent and speaking while in a headlock. It’s all part of the Sulk-a-mania man. It’s all part of the plan. But let me ask you this: Whatcha gonna do when the Sulkster runs wild around youuuuuuuuuu?


Hahaha. Yes, love him!
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