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We’re baaaaaacccckkkkkk, transmitting live from, wait this is more of a transmission than a broadcast, and it’s more so pre-recorded than live, so um, let’s just say this post is coming all the way from Ireland. And now that we can clearly see that that’s a lie;  I actually started writing this post in Ireland, but the jetlag took over and basically what you saw until the sentence previous to this one was about as far as I got.  I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve put a post out and I feel horrible about that. Really I do, you should see my face, it’s the face of a horrible feeling person, never mind the fact that I’m hungover from frolicking with the Irish, the horrible feeling is totally dedicated to you guys.  Well I guess I wrote that line in Ireland as well, and apparently, it was another lie.  Lies, lies, lies, I’m starting to feel a bit Obama-ish.  Ouch, I didn’t mean that, Obama, you my boy!!!  So now that the lies and excuses are out of the way, let’s jump straight into this post shall we?

This post isn’t much of a post at all to be honest.  It’s more of a “things to come” infomercial more than anything.  I’ve had a lot going on the past few weeks and wanted to give you guys a little insight into what has been keeping me so busy that I haven’t reached out to my loyal, loving, completely forgiving and understanding readers.  Well, the elephant in the room is obviously Gup.  It’s funny that I labeled her the “elephant” when she’s really just a peanut.  Haha, get it, peanut….elephants love peanuts??? See, I knew that a 6wk hiatus wouldn’t erode my reader’s superior sense of humor.  Now I’m not gonna say that Gup is the reason the production has been so slow around here recently, but…well, yeah, I am gonna say that.  Having 3 kids TAKES THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!!!  I heard a good analogy the other day when a Dad of 3 saw me with my 3 little ones.  Given that its NBA finals season, it totally resonated and hit home:


The Escalating Child Rearing Theory

  •             With 1 child, double teams are the way to go
  •             With 2 children, the game plan switches to Man to Man Defense
  •             With 3 kids, its all Zone all the time!!!

It totally makes sense doesn’t it?


Seeing as how we’re playing zone right now and also trying this new “sleep in your own damn bed” routine, I’m gonna have to leave you guys rather quickly.  But fear not, I’ve got some great things in the works for you to look forward too.  Check out what’s coming soon:


Bad Girls Club: Infant Edition – I’ve got a new idea that I plan to pitch to one of the reality TV networks.  It’s Bad Girls Club reimaged for babies.  Think about it, flashing diapers, baby babble battles, crying over spilled milk.  What’s not to love! Check out this post to read about the shows first cast member: Baby Guppy.


Luck of the Irish – A full recap of my fun and exciting and nearly death defying trip to Ireland and what work changes led to that trip.


PSA: ASK Day – This one is something that was brought to my attention recently and I support it fully.  If you can’t wait until my post and are feeling a little curious, just hope on over to Google and search for “ASK Day 2013”.


Toy Reviews – We’ve got Johnny The Skull, Bike Ramps, and a ton of other toy reviews on the way


My New Love – No, Fefe and I aren’t getting a divorce (sorry ladies), but my new found love is my latest and greatest hobby: Photography.  I’m actually getting pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  Check this post to see some of my work and hear about the steps that I’ve been taking to progress further in the field.  Pssss…You can also blame this hobby for lack of production around here, it’s not all on Gup’s shoulders.


Boys Will Be Boys – The boys have been very busy these last few weeks, check up on their latest activities and progress towards maturity. For example, Ty and his goal of one new girlfriend per school year



Well in the time it took me to write this post, our Zone Defense has crumbled and we’ve allowed 1 stinky diaper explosion, 2 toy arguments, 1 wrestling altercation, and one cup of spilled Kool-Aid.  Either I’m a slow writer, or I’m livng in a madhouse.  You be the judge.


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Welcome Baaaaaack!!!!! I think your upcoming blog post are going to be hilarious! Especially the Bad Girls Club: Infant Edition LOL…….. By the way you do live in a mad house!


Glad to see u r back! Looking forward to hearing all about Ireland and what u did over there. Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts and like FeFe said, The Bad Girls Club infant edition is going to be hilarious! Wonder what the posts about the boys will be about. They are always so entertaining. Lol, Now this “New Love” thing is getting on my nerve! U have been acting like the paparazzi with that camera!! But I have to admit….u r really taking some beautiful pics! U keep us entertained in a positive way!


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Running the zone is ineffective if you don’t have a post man. You may have to call in the original chief keef to solidify your defense.


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