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Today, Gup turns 1 month old. WhooHoo, Yay, Par-Tay!!! Now that all of that is out of the way, let me inform you guys that the honeymoon phase is OVER! This past week or so has been a living nightmare and it can all be attributed to Ruler Gup. Yup, I say “ruler” because she rules this household with an iron fist. She says FEED ME, we say how much? She says ROCK ME, we say how fast? She says BUY ME THE NEW PS4 IN NOV, we say sure thing. Oh wait, sorry, got my “rulers” confused. That last request came from the previous monarch , who was ousted from power one month ago to this day. Even through all of her tyranny, she’s still my little princess and her beautiful eyes brighten my day; however, on nights like last night, I do find myself searching through her diaper bag, playpen, and crib, looking for a gift receipt that reads Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson. Sure, go ahead, furrow your brow, smack your teeth, call me every name in the book; but until you’ve lived through the bewitching hour, you have no right to judge my gift receipt search!

What is the bewitching hour you may be wondering. Well let me set the record straight, it sure as hell isn’t confined to a single hour! Whoever named it that must have been drunk, which is most likely the case because after living through the bewitching hourS, alcohol can quickly become your most trusted ally. Okay, so back to this bewitching hour, apparently, it’s a time of increased fussiness for newborns. During this time, they tend to cluster feed in an attempt to bulk up for their long stretch of sleep, which is typically a whopping 3-4 hours. Really? All this fuss over a 3-4 hour stretch of sleep? Bears hibernate for 3-4 freaking months and don’t put up as big a fight as this kid does.

So during this time which typically starts around 7pm and lasts until about midnight, our lives are miserable. Gup wants to eat like every hour, therefore, Fefe’s feeding her every hour, which means she’s taking monster craps ever hour, therefore I’m changing diapers every hour. On top of all of that the little diva princess acts like she’s too good to be put down. We can hold her until she’s about to fall asleep, try to put her down for bed and BOOM, fireworks erupt. We try to hold her until she’s fully knocked out and then lay her down, no such luck my friend. She’ll literally cry me a river once she’s detached from either of us, we’ll mainly Fefe. Things wouldn’t be so bad if this so called bewitching hour didn’t occur as the boys are starting to whine down their day and prepare for bed. During the early evening, she’s sleep and they’re going full throttle, which means, I’m doing the same in an attempt to ensure they each receive quality time as well. Just as QT with the boys draws to an end, the Gup show starts ramping up for production. This means there’s no adult time, not a kidless moment to be found until I’m fast asleep and in dreamland and do you want to know what I dream about? That damn gift receipt!!!

In doing some research about the bewitching hour, I came across a comment that read: “find comfort in knowing that this won’t last forever, most babies grow out of it in 3-4 months”. I’m sorry, but screw you mister whoever the hell you are, I find no comfort in knowing that I may potentially have 3 months left of hard labor jail sentence. Seriously though, this transition is very rough and while I laugh at my pain and joke about it, I know things could always be worse. We have a beautiful, healthy, one month old little daughter and I couldn’t be more thrilled by here presence. So if a few hours of fussiness EVERY night is what I have to put up with so that I can have this little lady in my life, I’m all in. Well worth the price of admission in my opinion.


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Lol at new PS4, you definitely got your rulers mixed up. Kayla looks so innocent in the pictures it almost makes me forget about her evil side lol. The bewitching hours are really rough since it happens during the boys bedtime ritual. At least last night she slept for 5 hours before waking up for her next feeding. Hopefully she will figure things out soon and our life can get a little better at night.


Enjoyed the post. Unfortunately this stage is unavoidable. I know it’s easy for people to say it will pass when they are not the ones living it. There is a saying “God never gives you more than you can Handle” So just ask him to help you guys through this difficult stage. Before you know it, she will be walking and getting into everything!


I dunno… I’m pretty sure I heard her saying she wanted a PS4. Just sayin’…

I think the “Bewitching Hour” you speak of is what lead to the invetion of the “Happy Hour”!!

What a BEAUTIFUL little peanut!!
The Father of Five´s last blog post ..Some Fava Beans and a Nice… Tomato Soup???


The Father of Five Reply:

@The Father of Five,

InveNtion… (forgot the “n”)
The Father of Five´s last blog post ..Some Fava Beans and a Nice… Tomato Soup???


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