Children Of The Corn


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As parents, we all stretch the truth a tad bit from time to time when dealing with our children: magical storks delivering babies, a fat guy who never gets arrested for breaking and entering on Christmas Eve, if you tell the truth you won’t get in trouble, the dog (who is dead) ran away, the list goes on and on. Well, at least at our house it does. Most of these little white lies are well intentioned, and designed to produce better more productive members of society out of our kids. Ah, who am I kidding, these lies make our lives easier; could you imagine how difficult the month of December would be if your naughty list got revoked? But what happens when parents start lying to their kids just for the fun of it? I’ll tell you what happens, if backfires!!! Don’t do it folks, reserve your lies, resist the urge to utilize these precious little tools for entertainment purposes.

Friday Funday – Everybody Harlem Shake


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It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!, YAYYYYY, we made it through another week.  What better way to celebrate by having a little fun?  I begged convinced my family to participate in this silly trend and create our own family Harlem Shake video.  Since it’s Friday and everyone deserves a little jumpstart to their weekend, we decided to provide a little comic relief.  Enjoy!!!

If you’re as clueless as I was about this whole Harlem Shake thing, read about it here before watching the video.

 If you’ve participated in the madness that is the Harlem Shake craze, be sure to post a link to your vid below.  We’d love to check it out.



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Today, Gup turns 1 month old. WhooHoo, Yay, Par-Tay!!! Now that all of that is out of the way, let me inform you guys that the honeymoon phase is OVER! This past week or so has been a living nightmare and it can all be attributed to Ruler Gup. Yup, I say “ruler” because she rules this household with an iron fist. She says FEED ME, we say how much? She says ROCK ME, we say how fast? She says BUY ME THE NEW PS4 IN NOV, we say sure thing. Oh wait, sorry, got my “rulers” confused. That last request came from the previous monarch , who was ousted from power one month ago to this day. Even through all of her tyranny, she’s still my little princess and her beautiful eyes brighten my day; however, on nights like last night, I do find myself searching through her diaper bag, playpen, and crib, looking for a gift receipt that reads Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson. Sure, go ahead, furrow your brow, smack your teeth, call me every name in the book; but until you’ve lived through the bewitching hour, you have no right to judge my gift receipt search!