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Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson

Baby Guppy is here, she’s been here for nearly two weeks now and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  If you recall, she wasn’t suppose to enter this world until Feb 22nd, however, as you can tell little Miss Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson decided that it was her time to shine and that no womb would hold her back.  She was born on February 1, 2013 at 7:24PM, weighing 4lbs. 4oz. and 17in long.   Since that day I have been in complete bliss and have been enjoying every moment of her precious little life.

As some of you could probably tell from my pregnancy announcement post, I had some serious concerns about how the arrival of Baby Guppy would affect our lives.  Let me tell you folks, before her birth, those concerns were being realized and validated on a grand scale.  Mostly because our lives were thrown into a tailspin 1 week before Kayla arrived.  Imagine knowing that you have at least 4wks left to prepare to care for a newborn, imagine knowing that you had 4 weeks of freedom left to date your wife, to hang out with the guys, to be an infant-less parent.  Now imagine going into the doctors office and finding out that your 4wks had magically transformed into ONE FREAKING WEEK!!!  Okay, now imagine that after getting over the initial shock, that your frazzled mind switches gears and makes you realize that you have no crib, car seat, changing table, bassinet, etc. etc. freaking etc!!! Next, imagine that your memory banks spontaneously decide to make a withdrawal and pull up a conversation with your wife 2 months ago suggesting that we start getting the nursery ready and your response of “no way, we’ve got plenty of time”.  Lastly, imagine looking at your wife and realizing that your memory bank accounts are linked up and she’s thinking the same exact thing.  Needless to say, before Baby Guppy ever graced us with her presence, she had a profound impact on the quality of our lives.

Will we be able to send her to her room for punishment?

Fast forward 7 days and the nursery is complete, everything is assembled and we are headed to the hospital to have a baby.  Labor was a miraculous experience and unlike Fefe, I actually enjoyed every moment of it (well there was that one time when my fingers turned blue).  There was a level of closeness between the two of us that was phenomenal, as we waited for things to get going.  We bonded and just truly enjoyed some quality time together; the calm before the storm if you will.  Labor lasted 10 hours, 7 of those hours were amazing for both of us.  We watched movies, we laughed, we talked about the future; it was real storybookish.  2 of those 10 hours weren’t so good; the movies stopped, as did most conversation.  It was go time and things were getting serious; it was real “TNT we know dramaish”.  Then there was the remaining hour, the hour of hell, the hour of shut the F up and get me some damn ice chips; it was real Nightmare on Elm Streetish.  That last hour was like 0-60 in like, well, 60 minutes; okay, that doesn’t convey the true sense of urgency that I was going for. At any rate, things got real serious real fast.

They say Love is Pain...They weren't lying

There was about a 45 minute gap in between the time the doctor checked Fefe and told us that she was about 4cm dilated and when Kayla’s little head started popping out.  We had no idea it would move that quickly.  15 mins or so before Kayla was born, Fefe was really going through it.  She was downright scary to be honest, but I’m no punk, I’m from the mean streets of Ruff Buff, so I stood my ground; who cares if I kept my finger on the nurse call button for backup.  At one point, I honestly thought she went full blown excorsist on me.  Out of nowhere she started screaming JELLY BELLY, JELLY BELLY, JELLY BELLY, like 10 times in a row.  The amount of confusion running through my mind, mixed with the adrenaline running through my veins, had me ready to pass out.  I’m thinking what the hell does Jelly Belly candy have to do with anything right now? She’s totally losing it!  Then it hit me, that was the code word.  Fefe was super gun ho against using an epidural, we had a conversation about if the pain gets too unbearable, she needed a code word to signal that she really wanted the epidural and wasn’t just speaking out of pain.  While we were having this conversation, we had some Jelly Belly candles lit, so I came up with the bright idea of using that as the code word, too bad I didn’t come up with the bright idea of depositing that idea into my memory bank.

Once the light bulb went off in my head, I called for the nurse to come check Fefe’s progress so that we could make a final decision on the epidural.  The nurse asked if she could come in a few minutes and me being all not in pain happily agreed: “yeah, take your time”.  Big mistake, no more than 30 seconds later, psycho Fefe returns and she’s screaming “get this thing out of me now!”, “I’ve gotta push”, GET IN HERE NOW!!!  Once again, my ignorance to the seriousness of the situation had me sitting there thinking “man, they better hurry up with that epidural”  The nurse came in the room and luckily the doctor was behind her, because as soon as they entered Fefe said that she had to push.  The doctor took one look and said, yup, your baby is ready to come out.  Fefe replied ever so politely “well get her out of me then”.

The doc turned around to wash his hands and get gloved up, during which Fefe let out a monstrous groan and scream “I have to push now” the next thing I know, the doc was leaving the wash station and rushing towards Fefe, I look down and BOOM, there’s a freaking head in his hands.  WOW, talk about rapid fire, the man didn’t even have time to get his gloves on.  It was crazy, it all happened so quickly.  By the time it was all over, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Okay, there wasn’t a dry eye on my face.  It was a truly emotionally moving experience and I’m so happy that I was able to go through it again with the person I love.  When I laid eyes on my beautiful baby girl it was love at first sight; my wife was safe, our baby was healthy, what more could a Dad ask for?

How’s that for a Valentine’s Day story???

Baby Guppy!!!!!


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LOL I can’t believe you called me psycho Fefe!! Listening to you retell the story is very funny. I totally blacked out the last hour and a half & didn’t remember any of those events that took place. Sorry about your fingers they look pretty purple in that picture. I will tell you one thing for her to be our smallest baby she was definitely hands down the roughest labor. I was thinking smaller, being induced and the third time around this will be easy but boy was I wrong. I did enjoy our few hours of bonding time we had, it was really nice.


It’s too early for y’all to be making me all emotional and stuff. You guys are great!


congrats to your family, you have a lovely family and glad everything is okay , loved reading it :)


My apologies to Fefe for laughing my head off at your retelling, but you are HILARIOUS.

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! I’m so glad that she and Fefe are doing well, and I’m sure she’s already got you tightly wrapped around her little baby finger.

(The nursery is so pretty, too!)

Get some rest, all of you!
Melisa´s last blog post ..Sleep Would Be Nice


I’m so happy my little granddaughter is here! She is healthy and I thank GOD for that. Can’t wait to meet her! This post is in the top 5 funny posts. I know its not suppose to be funny, but I love how everything was so calm, then all of a sudden everything changed. That’s just like life! The room is beautiful! U guys did a fantastic job! I don’t know why her nick name is not Jelly Belly! Fits per perfectly. And yes….she already has DAD wrapped around her finger!!1 LOL. Keep everyone updated on her and the family. And thanks for the wonderful posts!!!


OMG!!! I have been away from the Internet way too long!! I missed an entire guppy birth!!! Congratulations to Fefe on a job well done!! Congratulations and the 2 bodyguards… I mean big brothers!! Oh and good job on the post dad! Haha!! I can’t wait to see so many more photos of this little princess and get doting brothers!!

Congratulations family!!!
Welcome Princess Guppy!!!


Memory banks making a withdrawl #barz
#dead@joint accounts #ISeeWhatYouDidThere #threadisgoodforsomething
you spit hot fire, man

The first picture looks like she’s giving you the finger. “I was kicking your back, now I’ma kick yo wallet”


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