Cain and Able


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Up until the birth of Baby Guppy aka Gup, I was under the impression that my boys were monstrosities of evil based on their dealing with each other; wait, let me clarify, I thought that Tre was a monstrosity of evil. Ty was just an unfortunate bystander, forced to protect and defend himself (usually unsuccessfully) by matching evil with evil. The levels of scheming, deceitfulness, and downright mean behavior started climbing off the charts and I began to question if we needed to move to Philadelphia in hopes of getting any brotherly love in our home. Tre reached an all-time low a few mere weeks before Gup’s birth and I was terrified that the torture treatment of his brother would be transferred to her once she arrived.

A Star Is Born


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Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson

Baby Guppy is here, she’s been here for nearly two weeks now and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  If you recall, she wasn’t suppose to enter this world until Feb 22nd, however, as you can tell little Miss Kayla Leigh-Ann Robertson decided that it was her time to shine and that no womb would hold her back.  She was born on February 1, 2013 at 7:24PM, weighing 4lbs. 4oz. and 17in long.   Since that day I have been in complete bliss and have been enjoying every moment of her precious little life.