Spy Gear Spy Motion Alarm – Ty’s Tues. Toy Review


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Ty’s Tuessday Toy Review 1-15-13
Spy Gear Spy Motion Alarm 



Name: Wild Planet Spy Gear Motion Alarm

Manufacturer: Wild Planet

Price:  $13.99

Length of Ownership: 3 weeks

Rating: 3 stars

Toy Review: WhooHoo, the first toy review of the New Year.  What better way to set off the New Year than to talk about Spy Gear?  Let’s face it, as kids, ever since we saw our first Bond flick, we ALL wanted to be Spies, Secret Agents, or just an all-around badass.  The only problem with that is that during our childhood, we had to make up gadgets and pretend to have the tools that the pros used.  Spy Gear is here to solve that issue, they have a complete line of toys devices that would make ‘Q’ blush like a giddy school girl.

Bond references aside, this toy is designed to allow kids to protect their toys, mp3 players, diaries, and basically anything else that children value in their lives these days.  How does it protect valuables?  Does it cast a net that confines the thief until the authorities arrive?  Nope, nothing that sophisticated, it basically makes a really loud and annoying sound that will make any would-be criminal want to smash this toy until it stops working. There is an on/off switch and that’s about all; my biggest gripe with this toy is that there’s no delay from the time you turn it on, to the time you set the trap.  As you’ll see in the video, the device is prone to giving itself away by going off before the person who set it walks away.  Other than that, it does function as advertised, there is a motion sensor that if fairly accurate in dectecting movement and contrast in light.  The alarm will continue to ring until it no longer dectects an object in front of it; which is pretty cool.

As with any “pretend play” toy, imagination is a requirement for the toy to be a success.  I could see children using this toy during a play session of super-secret spy, where all involved are aware of the device and its capabilities.  Criminals would run away or be captured immediately once the alarm was set off; it’d be a fun game.  Unfortunately, these toys are marketed to make children believe that they can actually work to transform them into a real spy.  When we first got this toy, Ty set it up to protect his favorite toy from his little brother, he quickly discovered that this item wouldn’t actually thwart off anyone when Tre took the toy AND the motion alarm.  There was a hint of disappointment in his face that day and since then they toy has been used as more of a prank (open the closet and a blaring alarm sounds, not fun at 7AM), than a spy device. 

In the right child’s hands, this toy can open up a world of fun imaginative play, but realistic expectations for its capabilities should be set from the beginning.

There you have it folks, another one in the books, this toy is Ty tested and Daddy undecided, buy at your own risk!!!

The Day I Almost Died


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A Dangerous Place To Be

A LOT has happened in the past few weeks, there’s been so much going on, that my computer and I nearly got a divorce due to the fact that we’ve spent next to zero minutes together recently.  Let’s see, a quick rundown: My mom came to visit, Fefe’s Dad came to visit, we had Christmas, we had Tre’s birthday, New Year’s celebrations, plays, date nights, and the list goes on and on.  But the most memorable moment of the past few weeks by far is the day I almost died.  Could you imagine what your lives would be like had you lost your favorite Daddy blogger to a freak accident?  I know, you can’t fathom the thought, so let’s move on and discuss my experience of flirting with the Grimm Reaper.