Let The Magic Begin


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Give a compliment, get a kiss!!!


A High Five To Get The Party Going


Well lookie here, lookie here, you good ole blogger friend, Keith stayed true to his word.  I promised you guys a part 2 on Monday and by golly, here it is! Let’s just ignore the fact that Monday only has a few hours left in it, and focus on the fact that this post is up for your reading enjoyment, lol.  Thanks to my incredibly horrible internet connection, the previous statement is no longer valid, smh.  I swear I hate Century Link and their crappy service, so much so, that I just said screw it and paid the cancelation fee at this very moment! Really? 5 hours to upload 3 one min videos to YouTube? What is this, AOL dialup?  Sorry, my rant is complete now, let’s move on.

So last time, I made our time at Disney World seem pretty dreary; but I promise you that it was literally one of the most magical experiences that any parent could hope for.  The look on Tre’s face when he saw Mickey for the first time nearly brought a tear to my eye, and trust me that’s tough to do, I’m a super tough macho manly guy!  Okay, Fefe’s sitting over my shoulder and demanded that I refrain from lying in my posts; I’m not that tough and maybe, that statement about “nearly bringing a tear to my eye” should have been “cried a river”.  Seriously folks, I have never seen that child as happy and excited as he was during our time at Disney World, and for those of you that know Tre, that is a hell of a statement to make: the kid is constantly happy.

Magic Or Witchcraft??? You Be The Judge


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Does this look like a magical time???

So we all know that Disney World is a magical place where memories are made; a place where dreams come true, right?  Yup, that’s what they communicate and advertise on all of the brochures, commercials, and emails.  But what they fail to inform you of is the fact that along with those dreams also comes nightmares, blisters, and empty bank accounts.  I totally had every intention of writing this post on the plane ride back home from Disney, yet here we are a complete 2 weeks later and the post is just now going up.  Clearly, I was either delusional or naive to think that I would have the strength and mental capacity to write a blog post during a plane ride after spending 6 nights, 7 days (that’s travel agent speak) at Disney World.  But never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) did I anticipate a 2 week turnaround time to get back to my normal self.  I know by now you must be wondering: was it all worth it?  Read on to find out.