5 Winners Means 5 Announcements


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Well this was certainly a fun one for me and I hope to be able to bring many more opportunities like this to the readers of DFB.  The Best Buy $25 Gift Card Giveaway has ended and the winners have been selected.  Before I reveal who the lucky winners are, I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading all of the responses, seeing the great variety of things that you guys were excited about means that Best Buy has done a great job with its improvements.  The folks at Best Buy were impressed with your responses as well, it was great feedback for them.  So I want to thank you guys, each and everyone of you who participated.

And now without further ado, I take great pleasure in announcing the winners of the $25 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway:



Amanda Sakovitz

Harmony B



Congrats to all 5 winners!!! I hope you enjoy your prize


Best Buy $25 Gift Card Giveaway (5winners) & New Store Review


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Same Store, Completely New Experience!!!

Something miraculous happened to me (and by extension, you) recently; Best Buy contacted me and asked me to come out to the grand reopening of one of their stores in Minnesota.  They wanted me to check it out and find out about all of the new and exciting changes that they’ve made and then come back and tell all of you guys about it.  Okay maybe miraculous is too strong of a word, but it’s still pretty freaking awesome!  There are a couple reasons that make it “pretty freaking awesome”:

  1. As you guys know, Best Buy is my favorite store; even Tre knows this, anytime something from Best Buy comes in the mail, he ensures that it’s kept safe and separate for me until I come home (maybe he enjoys the sparkle in my eye when I open it)
  2. Best Buy truly has made some really amazing changes, and if it wasn’t for this opportunity, I wouldn’t have known about a few of them.  Since I’m gonna tell you guys all about them, it means you may not have known about them either
  3. The good folks over at Best Buy were thoughtful enough to provide me with a gift card for coming in and doing the review.  And because they are so awesome, they also provided 5 (FIVE) gift cards to be given away to Daddy’s Fish Bowl readers.
  4. I think many of you were sold with reason number 3, so I’ll just stop here.

Continue reading to find out all about the cool new changes that Best Buy has implemented and to find out how you can win the $25 Best Buy Gift Card.

Birthday Licks


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Exhausted After Opening Gifts

How many of you remember getting hit on your birthday as a child? One hit for each year that you’ve been alive and kicking. We called them Birthday hits, others called them “licks”. Given the fact that Ty’s girlfriend was in attendance at his recent party, I felt “licks” was more appropriate; more on that later. Back to getting hit as a child; what a horrible tradition, I mean, geesh, it’s your freaking birthday, your special day and to celebrate it, people beat you up? I don’t know about you guys, but I call that aggravated assault! You may feel that I’m going a bit far with the assault claim, but I vividly remember back in high school, kids would purposely get sick on their birthdays to avoid coming to school and receiving their birthday beatings hits. That’s just taking it a bit too far. With that being said, this past Saturday, I gave Ty 8 of the most viciously powerful hits that I could land without child protective services knocking at my door the next day. You’ll be happy to know that I did withhold the “pinch to grow an inch”, primarily because I’m just tired of buying new clothes for the kid.