Power Wheels Dune Racer – Tre’s Thurs Toy Review


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Tre’s Thursday Toy Review 6-29-12
Power Wheels Dune Racer 


Name:Power Wheels Dune Racer

Manufacturer: Power Wheels

Price:  $249.99

Length of Ownership: 6 months

Rating: 5 stars

Toy Review: POWER WHEELS!!! I could totally end the review right there. As you can see, I have a high level of enthusiasm about this one. I was totally stoked when we decided to buy this for Tre because as a kid, my highest hope and biggest dream was to own a Power Wheels car; any car, it didn’t matter, as long as it was motorized and I was behind the wheel, I would have been satisfied. Fast forward 20+ years and my dreams have finally come to fruition, only problem is; now I’m too big to fit behind the wheel. That’s where Tre comes in; I am totally living vicariously through him when it comes to his Dune Racer.

Now that I’ve went all “school girl crush” on you guys, let’s get down to business and talk about what makes this specific Power Wheels item so awesome. Since all Power Wheels have a “cool factor” associated with them, it’ll be eliminated as criteria for the remainder of this review. Typically when I do toy reviews, I get questions from parents wondering if they’re child will like the toy, is it functional, will kids get good use out of it, etc, etc. I’ll cover all of those things later, but first things first; when it comes to a toy of this magnitude, what’s important to parents is ease of assembly! It’s a given that your child will enjoy a Power Wheels vehicle, but the real question is will YOU be able to stand the sight of that thing after a frustrating assembly process? Luckily, with the Dune Racer, frustration during assembly wasn’t an issue at all. The directions were straight forward, tools were provided and all pieces were easily identifiable and fit together without the need of force. Given my limited handyman accumen, this was a major plus for me! The entire thing was assembled in less than 2 beers and 4 hours, wait, I got that backwards (blogging and drinking don’t mix folks), but no, less than 2hrs and this thing was ready to go! Luckily from past experience, I already knew to charge the battery up well in advance of actually preparing to have Tre drive. There’s an 18hr initial charge up time on the battery that may cause some tear filled eyes if you don’t prepare accordingly.

Now that we’ve discussed putting the Dune Racer together, let’s talk a bit about how it actually performs. I’d say superb to be honest! It comes equipped with 2 speeds; fast and slow, there is also an option to lock the faster speed until you are convinced that your little one can handle themselves accordingly while driving. I have to say, the fast speed is actually really fast, reaching up to 5mph. I know I know, some of us can walk faster than that, but to a kid, it means you’re flying. I also feel that the slow speed is a bit too slow and trust me, once your child gets a whiff of how quick this thing moves in fast speed, there is no going back, so be forewarned. The interior is fairly spacious, fitting 2 four year olds with no problem. Your kid will have room to grow with this Dune Racer as well, our 7yr old Ty, can awkwardly fit in it as well, so I’m guessing 3yrs is about the lifespan. Considering its price compared to some other Power Wheels out there, that’s a great deal. The battery is surprisingly strong; we haven’t had to get a tow back home once. Which is great, given the going rates for towing Power Wheels (rates being Daddy’s ridiculously low energy levels).

That pretty much covers the ins and outs of this Power Wheels Dune Racer; Tre loves it, as a parent, I was completely pleased with the purchase and my son’s satisfaction with utilizing it.

There you have it folks, another one in the books, this toy is Tre tested and Daddy approved, buy it now!!!

The Jackass


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No, this post isn’t about a donkey; it’s about a little boy that has developed a keen sense of realism that unfortunately makes him look to be a jackass.  I honestly don’t believe that the child is aware of how his actions make people perceive him, I think that he’s just being a curious little boy trying to find his way in the world by asking questions and expanding his knowledge base.  However, that still doesn’t excuse the fact that his snide comments and remarks, while funny are still really Jackassish in nature.  Based solely on the fact that I feel his actions are sometimes unintentional, I will refrain from calling my youngest child a Jackass for the remainder of this post, instead, he will be referred to as the DONKEY.



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You Gotta Love This Guy Right?

Wow, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it folks? I’ve gotta apologize for the lengthy delay between posts, but man I’ve been busy enjoying some great weather and awesome family activities.  You can’t fault me for not wanting to be shackled up to a keyboard when it’s 70 and sunny outside right? Well if you do blame me, you can send out thank you cards to Tre for inspiring me to end my hiatus and return to the interwebs as your favorite Daddy Blogger’s favorite Daddy Blogger!  Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but hey, the guy with no ambition, rarely gets far in this world….Sooooo, how exactly did Tre inspire me to get back to blogging? Read on to find out