Jetson Went Back To The Future


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Speaks For Itself

I write this post with great heartache and pain, I can feel the emotions running through my veins, into my fingers and on to my iPad keyboard; today is a sad sad day for our nation. I sit here in mourning as I imagine all of you are as well. We have lost an international entity, someone who has touched the hearts and souls of countless people during their short time on this earth.  An iconic figure has fallen today, a person of great stature and accomplishment is no longer with us and my heart goes out to those that knew this individual personally.  In case you haven’t tuned into the news today or read the headlines of your daily paper, I am of course talking about untimely death of “Jetson”, my moniker.  Today, I lay my nickname to rest, and say goodbye to an alter ego part of me that has served me well for many years.

Friends….How Many Of Us Have Them?


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Friends Til The End

This past weekend, I witnessed something completely unbelievable, something that made me roll my eyes in disbelief more than just a couple times. It was amazing, it was scary, it was remarkable all at the same time. I honestly couldn’t believe what was unfolding right in front of me. Once I reveal what I witnessed to you guys, I totally expect to hear a universal gasp all throughout the interwebs. Okay, brace yourselves people, the moment is here; this past weekend, I saw with my own two eyes, a little boy that could hold his own in terms of spotlight time while Tre was in the room AT THE SAME TIME

The Birthday Scramble


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Happy Birthday!

My birthday was this past Sunday, yup, this year I got the distinct pleasure of celebrating my birthday on Easter.  This is a privilege that has been bestowed upon me only 2 times in my 29 years on this planet.  The last time that this occurred was in 2007 and it wasn’t that big of a deal at all. Actually, no one seemed to care too much.  I guess if this aligning of the stars and planets occurred when I was a kid, I probably would have been thrilled about my Birthday and Easter being on the same day; I mean gifts plus an Easter basket and Easter candy plus a birthday cake, what’s not to love right? However, as an adult, this coincidence didn’t have much of an effect on me.  My offspring on the other hand is a different story.  The fact that my birthday and Easter fell on the same day caused one of the largest controversies ever to affect our family.

The Forbidden Dance


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So yesterday I put up a post of Ty getting his grove on to some good ole EDM, it was an inspiring post, a pick me up post, a post about music and dance that would put a smile on anyone’s face. Today is a different story, today’s post is still regarding the same topic, music and dance, but today’s post will most likely have you just shaking your head than laughing and smiling. That’s because today’s post features the OTHER child, there one were nothing is simple and nothing is as it seems!

Music Makes Me Dance


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Man oh man has it been a rough few weeks for me.  Work has been kicking my ass, the kids’ activities have been kicking my ass, “Hank Hill’s” lawn has been kicking my ass, hell there’s even a Beaver living in our pond that has been kicking my ass as well.  Needless to say, it hurts to sit down!  So instead of sitting, I stand up and dance to some good music to wash all of my troubles away. 

Okay, okay, so me and dancing don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but Ty seems to think that he was built to be a dancing machine as you can see in the video above.  It’s been a rough week for me, so I thought YOU guys could probably use some cheering up (because obviously if my week is bad, then everyone else must be having a bad week also).  What better way to give yourself a boost than by watching a little 7 year old rhythmless boy try his best to grove to the music.  I hope you all enjoy! I’m definitely in a better mood after watching.

Oh yeah, the music that you hear in the background is courtesy of my good friend DJ Heavyness!!! When I’m having a rough time, I just put on one of his Heavycast mixes and let the skills of DJ Heavyness melo me out.  So if Ty’s dance didn’t boost your spirits, head on over to and download one of his free podcasts. I’m sure it’ll do the trick.