Stressed, Tested, and Bested (part 2)


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Watching All The Kids Play

And now for the thrilling conclusion of our breath taking sage: Stressed, Tested, & Bested! A bit much? No way, I know that you guys have been dreaming of this moment all weekend, dying to find out what took place during that dreaded phone call on that cold, dreary night. Okay, so I guess the night wasn’t cold and dreary, but you know what I’m getting at. So without further ado, let’s get into it. Let’s find out what exactly this kid could have done that warranted a phone call that essentially ended his existence in the modern social world.


Stressed, Tested, and Bested


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I write this post with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye; a tear that just fell onto my iPad, crap.  Now I write this post with a heavy heart and a pissed off attitude; because that tear could have really screwed up my iPad!  Yesterday’s events have extremely saddened me and I’m at my wits in.  Ty’s behavior issues at school are well documented here at DFB, you guys offered support, offered advice, and Fefe and I both appreciate it.  However, none of it has worked apparently, despite the fact that we have been diligent in all of our efforts.  Last weekend I sent out the following tweet:


Today, I wish I hadn’t!  To understand why, we must travel back in time approximately 3 weeks.  Back in time to a phone call that went like

What A Big Ego


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If you aren’t familiar with the song posted above, let me fill you in on something: the ego being referenced is a double entendre, and let’s just say that Tre most certainly knows what the secondary meaning is. Last week, I put up a post about being worried that Tre was not so secretly yearning to be a girl. I wrote about my fears and frustrations; now only a few days later, I sit down to this computer to write about a new episode in this saga. Big Brother is real people, they are watching! Either that or Tre is imitating that E-Trade baby and visiting DFB on his iPhone during bedtime.

Pink & Purple


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I sit here before you today as a father. A father at a crossroads. A father at a crossroads that no father ever wants to be at. A father at a crossroads that no father ever wants to be at this early during fatherhood. Okay, I’m done, that was fun though, it was kind of “TNT, we know drama-esque” don’t you agree? Well, back to the issue that I’m facing; I’m the Dad of a wildly entertaining and intelligent little 4 year old boy named Tre. Some of you may know this already, ah who am I kidding, all of you know this already. Back to the issue: so for the past few months, Tre has been exhibiting a range of actions that downright frighten me. Based on his recent behavior, I can only come to one concrete conclusion. That conclusion is: my four year old little boy desperately wants to be a four year old little girl.

Gain Financial Stability In 4 Years


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Tre has the world figured out, in a quick 4 years on this earth, the boy is ready to take the world by storm and potentially in the words of Rick Ross “be Rich Forever”. Miraculously, he is willing to share his fool proof plan that is guaranteed to having you gaining financial stability in a mere 4 years flat. Does that sound interesting to you? Do want financial independence beyond your wildest dreams? Sure you do, who doesn’t!!! Well let Tre show you the way, let him guide you through his step by step plan that will have you saving money and spending it on the things that are important in life at the same time. To gain access to this once in a lifetime offer, simply write a check for $49.99 out to Tre and check the mail for your copy of “More At Four – Financial Stability Made Simple”.