Don’t Eat The Apples


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Addicted To Apples

Addicted To Apples

Don’t eat them because they are tainted, tainted with some sick mind altering gadget love potion. That has to be the case, because I am totally addicted to Apple products; yup I’m a fanboy and I’m proud to admit it. It’s logical for me to be a fanboy, I’m a gadget guy; hell, my friends even nicknamed me Jetson (because I was so futuristic), but my family on the other hand is a bit less explainable. Apparently, the APPLE doesn’t fall far from the tree (pun SOOOO intended), because not only do my kids love trying to sneak and play on my iPhone, but they also have their own now. It’s crazy, I know; I’m not one to speak ill of those who have passed on, but I honestly thing Steve Jobs was engineering a little more than electronics. I think he was holding the key to biological warfare right within the walls of his headquarters in Cupertino, each new device releases a special pheromone that entices consumers to buy it. That’s not too farfetched is it? How else to you explain my family’s addiction to Apple products?

The $3000 Brain Fart


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I totally understand this kid's pain

I totally understand this kid's pain

This past weekend was filled with a range of emotions, including but not limited to, happiness, joy, pain, agony, despair, anger, excitement, and relief. I guess I didn’t leave much room for the “not limited to” portion of my opening statement. Ah well, sue me if you have a problem with it, lol. So this past weekend I set out to enhance my man cave by finally setting up my projector. This entailed mounting the projector on the ceiling, mounting the screen on the ceiling, and adjusting the appropriate settings. While setting up the projector certainly contributed to some of the emotions described above, it definitely was not the major factor in the nearly detrimental series of events that took place over the past few days. The projector was actually small fries when compared to the issue that I faced, but the projector was ground zero and ultimately put the wheels in motion for what turned out to quite possibly be one of the DUMBEST mistakes that I’ve ever made in my life.

The Young And The Restless


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Be sure to watch the vid before reading the post.

We all fear getting old & decrypted, to varying degrees. Weather you are petrified or merely a little concerned about getting old, the fact remains that it’s an inevitable fact of life. One of the major consequences of aging is the fact that us elderly folks are constantly under the threat of being replaced by younger, quicker, sleeker versions of ourselves. When getting up in age, It is completely natural to be paranoid about a youngster taking your job, significant other, or even your competitive edge away from you. But at age 7, what would one have to be afraid of in relation to aging and the younger generation?

Cuts Don’t Always Have To Hurt


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The Hair, Look At The Hair

The Hair, Look At The Hair

The old Ty is back and I couldn’t be happier. For the past 6 months I have been staring at that child and asking myself why? Why does my child have to look like a Little Rascals extra, why in the world did he desire to grow his hair out? I already knew the answer to that question, so I’m not sure why I repeatedly asked it. Maybe it was a coping mechanism, my way of making it through the pain of having a self induced nappy headed child. But that’s all over now, as I said, the old Ty is back and what you see below is all that is left of those painful 6 months that have just ended.