Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track – Toy Review


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Tre’s Thursday Toy Review 6-30-11
Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track

Name: Hot Wheels 4 Lane Raceway

Manufacturer: Mattel

Price: $22.98

Length of Ownership: 2 months

Rating: 4 stars

Toy Review:

Hot Wheels are to little boys what Barbie is to little girls.  Everyone knows, that Barbie is nothing without her dream house and accessories, same holds true for Hot Wheels cars.  What good is a car without a good track to race it on?  That’s why today’s toy review is on the Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track.

This new and improved track is a redesign of an earlier version that we had for Ty.  I must admit, they corrected all of the issues that we had with the previous race track and added a few extra bells and whistles to the 4 Lane Elimination Race Track.  For starters, this track is actually pretty durable, we’ve all had race tracks in the past that couldn’t hold their weight in water, well Hot Wheels got the formula correct this time and produced a product that can stand up to the normal (if you can call it that) wear and tear of a toddler.  It also features a foldaway design, which comes in handy for storage and transportation, that’s definitely a plus in my book.

Functionality wise, this thing is simple to operate and gets the job done without much complication (contrary to our video review below, lol).  Your toddler, pre-schooler, and school age child will all be able to handle this race track with no problem at all and be provided with hours of entertainment in the process.  Any toy that can span 3 separate age groups is definitely a winner.  The basic principle behind each and every race is 4 cars start at the beginning and only 1 is left at the finish line.  Throughout the race, cars are eliminated based on their position in the race.  There are several eject pods located throughout the track which fling cars that are lagging behind off of the track.  This is a cool concept, but the race is over so quickly, it is a bit difficult to take it all in.  It would have been nice to toggle this option on and off somehow.  That would add a bit more variety to races, instead of always having only one car finish the race, another variation could be to see which car travels the farthest after the race.

Overall, this is a great toy, which took a previous design and improved on it tremendously.  It’s an inexpensive accessory that will extend the life of your child’s Hot Wheel cars collection.  If your little guy loves cars like mine does, I’d definitely recommend picking this one up.

This toy is Tre tested and Daddy Approved! Buy It Now!!!

New Town, New Wheels


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Tre Is Ready To Roll

Tre Is Ready To Roll

Tre got an upgrade; he’s now rocking a hemi instead of a flimsy!!! I mean seriously, if you saw the wheels this kid was previously pushing (and you will) you would definitely agree that he was well overdue for a vehicular make over. Tre’s new wheels are sponsored by Jeep, and it has shock absorbing springs, adjustable rear suspension, steel rims & beefy tires! Everything a toddler needs to become KING of the road, or concrete in this case since the sidewalk is his primary stomping ground.

She Pulled One Over On Me Pt.2


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If you missed part 1 of this lovely two part post, head over here now to check it out.

The View Of Our First Destination

The View Of Our First Destination

So yesterday I explained to you guys how the love of my life is pretty much a low down dirty filthy liar.  Some of you may expect this post to detail the terms of our pending divorce.  I mean, how can one man remain married to a woman so unscrupulous as Fefe?  Someone who would lie and deceive her husband, someone who would do whatever it takes to pull one over on him and execute the perfect Father’s Day surprise?  Well I guess all things considered, those crimes aren’t that bad.  It terms of unforgivable martial offenses, what Fefe did would rank somewhere between adultery and having a donkey porn fetish.  So I guess I’ll keep her around a bit longer.  She did provide me with the best weekend that I’ve had in quite some time after all.  The woman outdid herself this year and now that I’ve toyed with you long enough, let’s get into the particulars surrounding Father’s Day 2011.

She Pulled One Over On Me


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Does This Make Up For Last Year's Tragedy???

Does This Make Up For Last Year's Tragedy???

Father’s Day just passed and luckily, this year, we made it through without any blunt head force trauma, crying, or disappointment. If you’re a bit confused, you may recall last year’s Father’s Day Tragedy and oh what a tragedy it was. Anytime you have swinging golf clubs connecting with human skulls, you’re pretty much destined for a tragedy of some sort. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. Today, we’re hear to discuss the 2011 Father’s Day Tragedy! Before you get your box of Kleenex ready, let me warn you, they won’t be needed. This year, Father’s Day was excellent and the only tragedy to discuss is the fact that Fefe finally got the better of me, so my ego was a little bruised. If I had to choose, I guess a bruised ego is better than Fefe having a bruised skull…I guess.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011


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Hey everyone, now that I got my family back (2/3rds of them), I can move on to thinking about more important things; namely, what they should buy me for Father’s Day on June 19th since I’m such a totally awesome Dad.  Then I got to thinking, all of you guys think I’m a totally awesome, super cool Dad as well, so maybe you’d want to buy me something.  After the revelation of that thought, I decided it was only right that I share with you the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2011.  You’re comments are all the gift I need, so spend your hard earned cash on a loved one other than me.

Now this isn’t the typical, boring, year after year necktie, coffee mug, or multi-screwdriver type of list.  This list is filled with gifts that Dads actually want and need!  Well maybe listing “need” as a qualifier is stretching it a bit, but one thing is for sure, Dads actually WANT this stuff.  So go ahead and grab them something from this list and they’ll be sure to be thanking you for many months to come.

All items have links to where you can purchase the gifts from.  Don’t worry, I’m not recieving any compensation for this, just want Dads across the world to by happy on our special day.

Feel free to add on other gift ideas that you think us Dad’s may like in the comments section.

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles


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All Packed & Ready To Go

All Packed & Ready To Go

Fefe & Tre come back to Minneapolis tonight, FOR GOOD this time and I thought it was only fitting to share with you the story of Tre’s first plane ride, train ride, and (Minnesota)car ride; which took place a little over a month ago when we made the trip to Minneapolis for the first time (and what we thought was the last time).  It was actually his second plane ride, but seeing as how he was only a few months old for the first one, I think this trip qualifies as his (un)official first trip on an airplane.

As with everything that Tre is involved in, associated with, or a part of, his plane ride was full of spectacle, laughter, drama, and pretty much plain ole pure entertainment.  So sit back, kick your feet up and get prepared to enjoy the Tre Variety Hour (or 15 mins in this case).