2010 Holiday Gift Guide – Gadgets


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So we’ve reached day two of the annual holiday gift guides here at Daddy’s Fish Bowl.  Today’s gifts will feature something for all of those gadget lovers out there (I’m looking at you Dads).  But there’s a little something different about this list, what’s different is I didn’t write it, muuhhaaaaaaa!!!!! I was going to make one of my own and then I noticed that my good buddies over at The Gallant had already done a superb job and putting together a gadget list.  So naturally I decided to steal it, just be sure to keep this between us, I definitely don’t want those guys mad at me.

While you’re over there, be sure to poke around, The Gallant has a ton of great stuff for you to check out. It’s an online magazine that specializes in music, fashion, technology, and everything under the sun.  It’s pretty cool and I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you over there.

So for now I bid you adieu, and pass you on to The Gallant for their 2010 Holiday Gift Guide on Gadgets

2010 Holiday Gift Guide – Toys For Toddlers


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Hello all, it’s that time again. In the spirit of Black Friday coming up, this weeks posts will be dedicated to holiday gift guides.  There will be a separate guide for toddlers, kids and gadgets (courtesy of  The Gallant).  The gift guides will feature some items that the boys already own, as well as items that we plan to purchase for them this Christmas.  The items are in no special order, they are all gifts that I find interesting and think the kids will enjoy playing with.  Please feel free to add items to the list in the comment section, or if you already own a particular item, share your experience with it.  I hope you enjoy, talk to you soon.

Drawn Out Of The Picture


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Kindergarten Picasso

Kindergarten Picasso

Why do people have kids? Have you ever wondered the answer to that question?  If you’re a parent, I’m sure you have, you’ve had to think what is my motivation for having children?  In the olden times, people had children out of necessity; they would create large families to ensure that enough hands were on deck to meet family obligations, e.g. farm work.  But now things are different, the vast majority of people having children are no longer doing so in an attempt to gain free labor; hence, the size of families has dropped dramatically.  So if you’re not having a kid to ensure there’s always someone around to do your bidding, then why the hell would anyone want one of these snot nosed, loud mouthed, money guzzling buggers?  Oops, umm, bundles of joy, yeah that’s it, why would anyone want one of these little bundles of joy? 

The Cursing Toddler


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So Innocent, Or So It Seems

So Innocent, Or So It Seems

*Disclaimer: This post will contain a higher level of profanity than previously witnessed here on the Fish Bowl.  So if you have small children around, don’t read this post out loud.  Also, if you have an aversion to profanity, just cover your eyes and scroll down to the bottom and leave a happy comment.


It appears that children, especially young ones were all born with an ever listening ear.  This uncanny ability allows them to hear things that they shouldn’t when you think that they can’t.  Because of this devilish mutated ear that all toddlers possess, we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a pickle.  We are now stuck with a 2 year old boy who finds it amusing to use the word FUCK.  Not only does he use it, but he also has the proper context of the word down pat.  Now you may be thinking, who would teach your child a horrible word at such a young age?  Based on my last post, I think you guys already know the answer to that. I am literally lowering my head and slowly raising my hand to take responsibility for being the culprit.  But before you guys break out the pitch forks and form an angry mob, let me explain, it’s not my fault, and I shouldn’t be persecuted.  I’m even going to throw in a few tips on how to deal with the situation to try and make amends.

Confessions Of A Momma’s Boy


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Admitting it is the 1st step to recovery

Admitting it is the 1st step to recovery

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging content to bring you this very important message. Paid for by the MBA (Momma’s Boy Association)


Okay, so it’s no big secret that I’m a momma’s boy, but if you had my Mom, you would be too.  This woman has always been there for me, sacrificed and dedicated her life to enriching my own.  In my 27 years on this earth she has never let me down, and that’s not something I can say about anyone else I’ve grown to know over the years.  That’s a pretty tall order there, 27 years is a long time to never disappoint someone, almost impossible even.  I mean, I’ve disappointed people within the first 5 minutes of meeting them, so to have a 27 year streak really says something about a person’s character.  That’s why I’m proud to be a momma’s boy and will gladly except any ridicule that comes along with it. 

Today is my Mom’s birthday and I’ll be busy ensuring that she knows how much we appreciate her all day long.  I’ve got a long list of surprises lined up for her, and the first was this short, simple, blog post to wish her Happy Birthday and let the world know that she’s the BEST!!!!!


I Love You Mom


Your regularly scheduled blogging content will return shortly

Toddler In Power


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It’s funny how being a parent works; you’re suppose to share all of your worldly knowledge with your offspring.  It’s your job as a Dad or Mom to mold them into model citizens.  That’s how it is supposed to work, but things don’t always go according to plan do they?  Sometimes you end up learning things from your kids as well.  In my case this happens more often than not.  I’m pretty good at pointing out my own faults and one fault I have is: if I don’t notice the personal issue on my own before someone brings it to my attention, well it simply isn’t a fault at all.  I shrug it off as that person being over critical.  Well it’s pretty damn hard to have an over critical 2 year old, so when he speaks (in his limited and muffled vocabulary), I generally tend to listen.  So when I was in the process of teaching Tre an important lesson and he graciously pointed out that I was guilty of the very thing that I scolded him for doing, you can imagine the embarrassment I felt.

I Dream Of Candy


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Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat

Another year, another successful Halloween; just look at all the candy I get to rummage through, I mean that the kids get to rummage through. I’m not a big candy fan, although my latest dentist visit would try to convince you otherwise; 8 cavities, how in the hell do you get 8 cavities? Anyways, I digress. Halloween was awesome again this year, actually better than last year in my humble opinion. We had a great time and this year Tre REALLY got into the spirit and participated. If you can remember from ***last year***, all it took was a sucker to end his trick or treating, well this year he was going for the gusto and wasn’t giving up until he was good and ready. Ty on the other hand was more focused on being scary this year than obtaining the candy collectors gold medal.