How Do You Kick A Child Out Of Your Family?


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Breakfast Time With Tre

Breakfast Time With Tre

The past week or so has been very very interesting. We’ve somehow, inherited a third child. This new kid was thrust upon us and for the time being, we have no way of sending him back. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m all about helping out wayward children and all, but this is going a bit too far. To be fair, the new child isn’t high maintenance. I guess where he comes from, they’re not use to eating very often, so he barely ever bothers us for food. He also came with his own clothes. So really, the only basic need that we are providing to him is shelter. Even though it isn’t a huge burden playing surrogate to this little guy, it still isn’t fair to my wife and I. Call me evil, mean spirited, or what have you; but bottom line is, this kid needs to go.

Talking Buzz Lightyear & Toy Story Action Figures


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Ty’s Tuesday Toy Review 7-20-10
Talking Buzz Lightyear & Toy Story Action Figures

Name: Disney / Pixar TS3 12″ Buzz Lightyear

Manufacturer: Thinkway

Price: Standard Figures – $6.00  Talking Buzz Lightyear – $49.99

Length of Ownership: 3 weeks

Rating: 4 stars

Ah, good ole action figures! Any boy’s favorite toy right? Ty really enjoys his 6″ Toy Story Action figures, but the excitement wore off pretty quickly.  We’ve been working on ways to spark his imagination so that he will get more enjoyment out of his toys.  But Ty insists on using the same story line of Woody losing his hat.  That can get quite boring, quite fast.  These toys are your basic posable action figures, nothing fancy, no bells or whistles.  Imagination is key and can turn these plain toys into hours of entertainment.

However, if imagination isn’t your child’s most distinguishing quality, then I would recommend SUPER BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! He talks, he moves, he flies, hell, he might even hula hoop if you let him try.  This toys is a no imagination required type of product. It responds when you talk to it, has a working laser, pop out action wings, and functioning utility belt.  Ty hasn’t put this thing down since he got it and it has even breathed life back into the normal action figures, and for once they aren’t just looking for Woody’s hat.  My only knock on this Super Buzz is the hefty price tag.  For that price Ty better play with this thing until he’s 30, and then pass it on to his kids!!!

Two Thumbs Up For Stupidity


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Disclaimer: This post was suppose to be all about summer activities, but then a memory struck me and the entire post shifted.  Sorry, read on and you’ll see it was a good shift.

Summer is nearly half way over and I’m left wondering where the time went.  It seriously doesn’t seem like the middle of July is here already.  But then I look back and realize that the reason summer is passing me by is because of all these gosh darn activities that we’ve been involved with for the kids.  This year, some dummy (me) was looking through the activity catalog and make the bright decision to sign them up for everything. When I say everything, I really mean just about EVERYTHING. We had basketball, T-ball, swimming, karate, soccer, gymnastics, art, and music classes.  It’s been a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy being involved in so many different things, but secretly, I must say that I’m happy we’ve reached the midway point and it’s almost over.

Sleeping With A Monster


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Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great night’s sleep and are feeling well rested this morning! Yeah, well if you did, then at least someone was able to obtain a peaceful night’s sleep, because I surely wasn’t able to! Guess what, it wasn’t because of our resident terrorist either. Tre wasn’t the culprit this time, it was Fefe, as often times it is! Read on as I take you through a tale of deceit, horror, and brutality! Well actually, I’m just going to talk about how Fefe acts out her dreams in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, it should still be pretty entertaining.

The clip you are about to hear was recorded at 2:15am a few weeks ago, it is 2:13 in length and the second clip was recorded at 2:18am. Although the clip implies that I was causing harm to Fefe, I can assure you that I was merely laying in the bed holding my phone.

Fefe’s Nightmare

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The Aftermath

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Balls In Your Face – Adventures In Potty Training


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Tre is all grown up now!!!

Tre is all grown up now!!!

Have you ever had baby balls dangling in your face? No? Well you’ve never attempted to potty train a little boy.  Let me tell you right now, it’s not a pleasant experience. The booty and balls of a two year old are not two things that I want to be up close and personal with; but in the end, it all paid off.  If any of you have read my tweets, or Facebook statuses over the past few days, you’ll know that we’ve been potty training Tre with great success recently.  It’s been a long & tough road, but we now see light at the end of the tunnel and I’ll share with you my 100% guaranteed fools proof plan to potty train your child in 2 days flat!

The Garden of Eden….I Meant Garden of Fefe


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I picked the title of this post because I have finally succumb to temptation & eaten the forbidden fruit. I term it forbidden because it was produced by “Brown Thumb Fefe” and could possibly lead to severe illness or even death. Wait a minute, are tomatoes fruit or vegetables? Ah man, there goes the premise of this post, oh well.
Fefe's First Harvest

Fefe's First Harvest

Training Wheels Be Gone – Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike


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Do you remember when you first learned to ride your bike without training wheels? If you’re anything like me, that moment was THE single most important achievement of your 5 to 6 years on this planet. Well some 20 odd years after I learned to do it, I’ve taught Ty to ride without training wheels & it felt as though I had achieved greatness again. What’s even better is that I was able to witness the feeling of a 5 year old conquering his biggest challenge yet & it was invigorating to be on the other side this time. But then that all came crashing to a fiery end; once the excitement subsided, the dreadful memories of my training wheel boot camp came flooding back & the tears of joy that I shed for Ty turned to tears of heartache and pain.

Living With An Addict


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Hi, my name is Tre & I’m addicted to Hip Hop Harry. Those are the words that I’m so desperately waiting to hear my son utter. But you can’t force an addict to admit they have a problem, the healing can only come from within. Which is one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to be the parent of a toddler who has a media abuse issue. You try your best to avoid being an enabler, but when you hear that little 2 yr old voice crying out for Hip Hop Harry over & over, it just gets to you and you break down. The next thing you know, you cave in and willingly give in to their next fix.

Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit


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Tre’s Thursday Toy Review 7-1-10
Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit

Name: <Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit

Manufacturer: Moose Mountain Marketing Inc.

Price: $65.00

Length of Ownership: 7 months

Rating: 3 stars

As the video shows, Tre does not operate this toy properly. Even still, he loves it.  He’ll spend hours on hours playing in this ball pit.  Even when the inflated spiral was punctured, he still enjoyed it.  That’s the reason it gets 3 stars.  There is a motion triggered music sensor included which provide some thrills and the fact that you can throw balls into the top and watch them spiral down and come out at the bottom is also pretty cool.  However there are some unfortunate negatives to this toy that I’d like to discuss.  The recommended age is 2-5yrs old, but Tre clearly had outgrown the ball pit at age 2.  He was diving into it and hanging from the top rim after only a few days of cautions play.  Since this isn’t the intended use, the product is prone to flip over in these situations, which can get quite frightening.  Also, cleaning up the balls that often become scattered around the house can get to be a pain.  For the most part, the item is fairly durable, but don’t be surprised if roughhousing causes you to spring a leak.

Tre demonstrates how NOT to use this toy

Tre demonstrates how NOT to use this toy