Kid-Tough Digital Camera


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Ty’s Tuesday Toy Review 6-29-10
Kid-Tough Digital Waterproof Camera


 Name: <Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera – Blue

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Price: $57.40

Length of Ownership: 18 months

Rating: 4 stars

Let me start off by saying that Ty loves this camera.  He takes it everywhere with us and snaps pics of ANY & EVERYTHING.  There are currently about 400 pics sitting on his camera waiting to be downloaded (a few displayed below).  So as you can see it gets utilized very often.  I love the fact that it is extremely durable, it can withstand the toughest scrutiny (e.g. Tre) and still perform wonderfully.  I must admit, this is our second purchase of this camera, the first one just decided to quit working and Ty was so upset we had to get another one.  This one has performed great, with no issues, so I’m happy we got him another one.  One word of caution, this thing eats batteries like they are Scooby Snacks! I would advise purchasing rechargable batteries.

Examples of Ty’s Photography

Ty camera 070

Ty camera 178

Ty camera 298

I’m Attracted to Really Large, Long……Lines


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Okay, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month (I’ve always wanted to say that!!!), you probably know that Apple’s latest and greatest product in the mobile market, the iPhone 4 was released last Thursday.  The day was complete pandemonium, the news covered the release, blogs debated the phone’s greatness, and your truly lined up to purchase the hottest phone of um, well, this month.  Haha, you know phones are constantly one upping each other, so the fanfare won’t last long.  But for now, it’s awesome and all my troubles were well worth it so far.  When I say troubles, it’s definitely not an understatement; I went through hell and back to get this phone! I was the fortunate recipient of blisters on my feet, slipped into a state of delirium due to lack of sleep, and almost lost my life because of a disgruntled Apple customer.

A Father’s Day Tragedy


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Should of got me an iPad for Father's Day

Should of got me an iPad for Father's Day

So yesterday was Father’s Day huh?  The one day of the year were Dads around the world are given unanimous appreciation for their efforts as father’s.  For me, Father’s Day is always a great and special day (because I love getting gifts, lol).  However, this Father’s Day ended in pain and suffering and with me being all alone.  That description sounds somewhat similar to the type of information that I was receiving from my Twitter timeline and Facebook feed,   It appears that Father’s Day isn’t a great holiday for everyone, I witnessed a lot of male bashing, which is probably well deserved, but it definitely showed me The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Father’s Day.  Since, my day started off great, but didn’t end in the same fashion, it seems like that good, bad, and ugly trend that I noticed on social media in reference to Father’s Day isn’t only restricted to bad Dads.

Four Score & 7 Years Ago…I Used To Be A Blogger


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A peace offering. How could be mad at these faces?

A peace offering. How could be mad at these faces?

Wow, it has been quite a while hasn’t it? Really, 5+ months since my last post? A lot can happen in 6 months huh? But is 6 months really that long? I know a ton of things that can’t get accomplished in less than 6 months, let’s see: you can’t obtain a college degree in 5 months, you can’t walk from New York to California in less than 6 months, and apparently you can’t pass a bill in Congress in less than 5 months. So you see 6 months really isn’t a long time to stop blogging, based on the previous examples, some things of far lesser extent take much longer!

The Boy in the Window


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Happy Father’s Day everyone! Man it feels great celebrating the thing that means most to me in this world, fatherhood.  What better way to start off such as great day than telling you guys a wacky tale about one of my kids? Well here ya go, enjoy!

So summer is officially here! Yayyyy, pull out the sunglasses, sun screen, and swimming trunks.  For the most part, the summertime offers a welcome change of pace to standard activities and routines, but for us, it has offered an unexpected and unwelcomed consequence. Most families are typically excited about this time of year and are making plans for various activities.  Well our family is making plans, but instead of beach outings and day trips, we’re planning toddler disaster relieve tactics and beefing up our temper tantrum diversion techniques.  You may be saying to yourself: “kids love summer, what problems could you possibly have because of the summertime?”  Well let me tell you, when you’re dealing with a Terrorist Two’s all-star such as Tre (Shoutout to @Tdubb28), the simplest action can turn life into a nightmare that lasts an entire season.  ***sidebar: notice I did not use the term terrible two’s, no Tre has transcended typical two year old antics and as if he was playing Modern Warefare 2 has been promoted to rank of Terrorist!*** That action was  as I stated a VERY simple one, all we did was open his window one day.  Little did we know, the act of opening his window would end up haunting us for many nights… and mornings… and now that I think of it afternoons too.

Father’s Day Surprise! We’re Coming Back!


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Daddy’s Fish Bowl will be relaunching and returning with all new content this Father’s Day 6/20/10!!!! I can’t wait to start posting again, thanks for all of your support. Talk to you all on Father’s Day!