No More Holiday Gift Guides


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I know, I know, I promised you guys 3 lists this week and the last one was suppose to be a gift guide for husbands and wives. Well as I started making that list, I got to thinking, how can I possibly publish this thing without compromising the many surprises that I have planned for Fefe? There was no way around it, so I decided to cut the wife portion of the list and just put out a gifts for Dads guide. After creating the “guys only” list, I thought it would be a bit selfish of me to put that list up without a counterpart for my female readers. I didn’t want to be accused of 1) Only looking out for the fellas or 2) Trying to “hint” at things I wanted for Christmas. If you knew some of my readers like I do, then you’d know that accusations fly freely, lol! Therefore, there will be no last gift guide, instead I’d like to hear some of the things that you’ll be shopping for this holiday season and some of the things that you’re hoping your significant other will be buying for you. Please share, I’m always interested to find out how closely my gift choices align with other individuals.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide – Toys For Preschoolers


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Welcome back to day two of Daddy’s Fish Bowl’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide.  I hope you enjoyed the options presented yesterday for toddlers.  Today we’re shifting gears and taking a look at some options that your preschooler is sure to enjoy.  Shopping for this age group can become a tad more difficult as you attempt to balance fun toys and learning toys, our list contains a good amount of both, but as always, if you have suggestions that should be added or comments on any of the items listed, be sure to let it be known in the comments section.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide – Toys For Toddlers


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Hello all, in the spirit of Black Friday coming up, this weeks posts will be dedicated to holiday gift guides.  There will be a separate guide for toddlers, preschoolers, and a combined guide for husbands and wives.  The gift guides will feature some items that the boys already own, as well as items that we plan to purchase for them this Christmas.  The items are in no special order, they are all gifts that I find interesting and think the kids will enjoy playing with.  Please feel free to add items to the list in the comment section, or if you already own a particular item, share your experience with it.  I hope you enjoy, talk to you soon.

The Deceitful Dentist


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Let me start off by stating that I HATE THE DENTIST! There I said it! If you’re a dentist reading this blog, I’m sorry, but we could never be friends (don’t stop reading the blog though, lol). Dentists perform hate crimes against humanity and I refuse to subject myself willingly to their torture. I took the stance that I would never subject my kids to the demented hands of a dentist either; luckily I have a level headed wife who vetoed my ruling. Yesterday was Tre’s first visit to the dentist and it appears that he’ll be following in his Daddy’s footsteps. He wasn’t too pleased, and surely let it be known during his visit.

Baby’s Learning Laptop


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Tre’s Thursday Toy Review 11-19-09
Baby’s Learning Laptop


 Name: Vtech – Baby’s Learning Laptop

Manufacturer: Vtech

Price: $12.50

Length of Ownership: 11 months

Rating: 5 stars

Tre really loves this toy, he plays with it in his room every night before heading to bed.  Although he was too busy eating cookies to give you a robust demonstration, this toy is really packed with features. I think it’s a very good learning aid that covers multiple disciplines within its three play options: letters, numbers, and sounds. The sound category is what has impressed me the most, it offers multiple songs and a wide variety of animal sounds as well as everyday objects such as ball, pacifier, etc.  Tre has learned to point out quite a few objects around the house soley from the information obtained from this toy.  You can’t ask for better results than that.

Working Dads Get Screwed


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When it comes to parenting, working Dads get screwed, as do working Moms.  Now that I think about it, Stay At Home Parents can possibly be getting screwed too.  So I guess I should have named this post “Everyone Gets Screwed”, but then it would have sounded like a porno entry and that’s not exactly the first thought you want in your head when coming to a Daddy Blog.  Therefore, since I’m a working Dad, we’ll just keep it at how us working Dads get screwed out of quality time with our kids.

The Evil Power Of Christmas


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Santa's Little Helper?

Santa's Little Helper?

Hey there everyone, how have you all been doing? These past two weeks have been rough, everyone being sick and all, but for the most part things are better. I’m still not 100%, but I couldn’t stay away from blogging for too long. So did you guys miss me? Ah, why do I even ask, I know you missed me! lol.

So while Fefe & I were sick, battling colds, a new Ty emerged from the darkness and tried to nurse us back to health with kindness and generosity. It wasn’t really from the darkness, I’ve just always wanted to say that, you always hear it in movies and cartoons, but can never find an appropriate place to throw that phrase out. So anyways, Ty has been uncharacteristically good these pass few weeks, cleaning up after himself, taking naps like he’s suppose to, etc. It all seemed kinda fishy to me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He swore up and down that he was only trying to be helpful and make things easy since we weren’t feeling well. In part, I believe him because the kid does have a big heart; I mean a BIG heart, watermelon size. But really though, how good can one kid be without incentive? Until yesterday, I was starting to buy into Ty’s genuine nature, until he slipped up and gave me a glimpse into his true motives.

GeoTrax Transportation System & Airport


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 Ty’s Tuesday Toy Review 11-10-09
GeoTrax Transportation System & Airport

Name: Fisher Price GeoTrax Transportation System Remote Control Timbertown Railway

Fisher-Price Transportation System GeoAir High-Flyin’ Airport

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Price: $49.97/$39.00

Length of Ownership: 2 years

Rating: 5 stars

Let me start off by saying that I think this is an awesome toy! Ty loves it and it has held his attention for 2 whole years.  That’s pretty impressive for a preschooler.  I think that it still ranks as one of his favorite toys to date, it’s typically one of the first things he plays with in the morning.  I say all this to let you know that you will not be disappointed buying this for your child.  The add ons (such as the airport) allow for continued expansion and let’s your child’s imagination run wild.  We have spent countless hours designing and redesigning the track layout and it seems as if it will never get old to Ty.  I highly recommend the GeoTrax series, it’s the perfect Christmas gift.  Let me end by stating that I’m starting to notice ALOT of our kids toys come from Fisher Price, I never noticed that until I started doing these toy reviews, but if they continue to make items such as this, I’ll be happy to continue giving them my money.


Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired


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Tre is ready to combat the Swine Flu

Tre is ready to combat the Swine Flu

Some of you may have noticed the lack of posts last week, well that’s because we were all sick. Wait, let me rephrase that; my entire family was sick, and I was stuck taking care of them. That of course led to me being sick towards the end of the week. Fun times right? It’s always like that in our house, sickness is a domino effect. Once one person gets a cold, it spreads like wildfire to each member of our household until it has crippled each and every last one of us. No matter what we do to try and prevent it, there is no stopping the wrath of sickness! I have a few tips that may be able to help you, avoid the domino effect. In our home they never work completely, but I do think that they contribute to a quicker recovery.

Too Young For Halloween? Nope!


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Elmo & A Ninja (A Deadly Combination

Elmo & A Ninja (A Deadly Combination)

Happy Halloween!!! Oh wait, I guess I’m a little late huh?  Well, I’m just like “The Simpsons”, remember how they always aired their Halloween special on the Sunday after Halloween? Okay so here we go.  First off, I’m writing this post from the hotel room in Clemson, S.C. so I’m away from my normal blogging locating and it feels a little weird.  I’m out here on a business trip (which will probably end up being a blog post of its own) but I didn’t want to leave you guys without some delightful eye candy (get it? halloween, candy, eye candy, lol) to get you through your Monday!

Tre going in for the kill

Tre going in for the kill