Quieting A Snoring Daddy


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Boy oh boy, yesterday was an unusually tough one.  Well the work day was anyway, the stress level was at an all time high and the pressure was mounting.  I have a big important meeting today and had to ensure that the ENORMOUS amount of data that I had collected was all neat, accurate, and presentable.  That doesn’t sound all so bad, but when combined with 4 additional meetings, it gets a little more difficult to complete.  After getting everything complete and ensuring that I was ready for today’s meeting, I left work at almost 6pm.  Typically, I’m home by 5pm, 5:30 on a bad day.  So not leaving until 6 o’clock had me pretty wore out.  Once I got home, all I wanted was some peace and quiet, followed by relaxation.  Well, if you know my household, then you’re already aware that those wishes don’t get granted to often when the boys are around.  But for some reason, yesterday was different.  It was like they knew I had it rough and tried their best to take it easy on me.

Pop vs. Soda – The War Rages On


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Pop or Soda?

Pop or Soda?

Every so often, I participate in random focus groups to discuss various products & services.  The pay is pretty good, usually $50-75 for 2hrs, and more importantly I actually enjoy doing them.  It’s pretty entertaining, sitting with a group of people that you don’t know and sharing thoughts and experiences.  The most recent study that I requested to participate in was specifically for drinkers of carbonated “soda” beverages. The thought of joining this focus group brought back many memories from my childhood, college years, and most recently my parenting years. I’ve been involved in the battle between pop & soda for quite some time, and even though I’m now living in the south, I’ll never stop campaigning for POP! This creates a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my kids, but we’ll get to that.

No, That’s My Mommy


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Possessive, jealous, demanding, these are all attributes that each of us could probably use to describe an ex lover.  If you can’t relate, maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror, because that person may just be you.  As you’ve probably guessed, the above traits weren’t listed so that we could discuss one of my ex-girlfriends; nope, the main character in this tangled tale of jealousy is none other than Tre.  The little guy has staked his claim to each of us, but not collectively as a family unit.  He basically has it in his mind that we all BELONG to him and not to each other as a family typically operates.

The Thrill Of Saturday Morning Cartoons


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How many of you enjoy watching cartoons? I’m not talking the “Family Guy” or “South Park” variety either. I’m talking full fledged kiddie cartoons.  So come on, be honest, we’re all friends here; do you still enjoy them now that you’re in your older years?  Well I sure do & I’m not afraid to admit it either.  As a kid, I was a cartoon fanatic; and now that I have kids, the little fanatic inside of me can safely come out of hiding and rejoice in the fact that cartoons are back in my life on a regular basis.  Only problem is, today’s cartoons suck!

Welcome Back


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So did you guys miss me? I know, it’s only been 3 days, but still, that seems like an eternity to me; as you know, bloggers don’t get any paid vacation. Well, even if you didn’t miss me, I sure missed you. Writing is something that I really enjoy doing & what can be better than writing about your family? I mean seriously, doing something that you enjoy (writing) and it’s about something you enjoy (family), it doesn’t get much better than that.

Dads Have Feelings Too


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So I was all prepared to write this super cool, totally awesome post about the Ninja Turtles today.  After spending a couple of hours in Turtle bliss with the family last night, I had a great tale to tell.  But then bedtime hit and the happiness of the day was washed away by the few tears of my almost 5 year old.  Yesterday was pretty much an emotional roller coaster for me, filled with ups and downs.  It made me think of being a kid and eating Oreo cookies, I never really cared for the outside parts too much, the “filling” was always the best.  I could of lived without those pieces of the cookie, and yesterday I could have lived without the beginning and end of my day and just kept the middle part.

The Big Spill


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Before becoming a father, I was like literally “Mr. Clean” himself.  Seriously, I was the guy with the big sign on the door stating “If you can’t remove your shoes, don’t bother knocking”.  If I got a stain on my shirt, I’d just throw it away. Yes, it was that bad.  I remember distinctively one time my buddy came to visit from out of town and I had my grocery list on the counter; he was shocked at the fact that the list contained more cleaning supplies than food, even though I barely had anything in the fridge.  I guess at that point, I’d rather be hungry than have a dirty house.  Maybe I was a little borderline OCD, but hey, who knows.  Fast forward a few years and oh how things have changed.  Kids can have that type of effect on you.  I’ve gone from leaving no spill un-cleaned to being peed on, pooped on, scrubbing marker out of the carpet and everything in between.

V.Smile TV Learning System


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Ty’s Tuesday Toy Review 9-29-09
V.Smile TV Learning System



 Name: Vtech – V.Smile TV Learning System

Manufacturer: Vtech

Price: $43.36

Length of Ownership: 18 months

Rating: 3.5 stars

This toy is a good addition that will help supplement your child’s learning in a fun manner.  Kids already enjoy playing video games, so combining educational content should be a win-win for everyone.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  I’ve found that sometimes, Ty is more interested in completing the tasks of a given game than actually paying attention to the lessons that are being pushed.  But at the same time, he has picked up quite a few things from playing these games, so it’s not all bad.  The games themselves are typically full of content ranging from letter recognition, counting, and even math.  The type of content found in these games have been helpful in jump starting Ty’s education, so that when it’s time for him to attend school, he’ll already have a head start.  I must mention that the graphics are absolutely horrible, so if your child is around PS3s, Xbox360s, or Wii’s, the appeal of a V.Smile may wear off very quickly.

Faking An Injury


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Tre playing with his "friends"

Tre playing with his "friends"

Yesterday we discussed the possibility of Ty becoming the ruler of the free world in the near future, and today I would like to talk about Tre’s potential future employment opportunities.  Tre is beginning to master the art of “make believe” and “pretend”, skills that he has gotten so good at, that most of the time I can’t tell if he’s faking or being serious.  So considering this natural ability to confuse the hell out of his parents, I assume that Tre will be none other than the next Hollywood superstar.  Move over Will Smith, there’s a new Fresh Prince in town!

A Kid’s Guide To Effective Bribery


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Ty & My Silly Hair Pencil Man

Ty & My Silly Hair Pencil Man

As a Dad, I get the pleasure of witnessing the unique views of the world that children have.  I’m constantly trying to understand the mechanics of their thought process and how certain conclusions are formulated.  I honestly have to say that it’s one of the best parts of being a Daddy.  Observing their often misconstrued, but always amusing world outlook, can bring a smile to my face any day.  Last week was one of those times; I got to see first hand how this society works, from a kid’s perspective.  Apparently, in the eyes of a 4 year old, bribery can be used as the key to success for all of your troubles.

Now, we’re not talking about the “just got pulled over, offer the cops a few dollars” type of bribery; instead, we’re talking about bribery at its sweetest and purest form.  Although, now that I think about it, if Ty has mastered the art of bribery at this age, then maybe he’s going to grow up to be the greatest politician this country has ever seen, lol.  As a matter of fact, I know that he will.  Unlike most kids who try their hand at bribery, Ty didn’t stick to the small fries, he didn’t try to bribe Mommy & Daddy, nope he had his sights set high and took a stab at bribing my boss.  Hey, if you’re gonna do something, you might as well go for gold right?